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Sales coaches recommend LearnCore as the best online knowledge sharing and sales skills building tool available. request a demo

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LearnCore is the best corporate elearning tool for Customer Training, knowledge sharing, informal learning, sales improvement, onboarding and new hire training.
BBDO uses LearnCore for onboarding new hires
Mediamath users LearnCore to make Customer Training easy
JL Services use LearnCore
HelloWorld uses LearnCore to facilitate sales training and sales coaching.
CDW uses LearnCore for new sales training uses LearnCore for sales training
MARS uses LearnCore as their corporate training platform
Avangate uses LearnCore as the easiest way to deliver customer training
Sungard users LearnCore for to help close more sales deals.

"Once I saw how easy it was to use LearnCore, I immediately presented it to our design team as the only solution for rolling out this huge, high-value initiative for our firm."

Sharon Meit Abrahams

National Director, Professional Development

This Improves the performance of your most important asset: Your Team

LearnCore is the easiest to administer corporate training platform available.
Quantify the sales process with detailed measurements; track ROI.Boost performance by elevating knowledge and skill
Practice skills and gain company knowledge until you are client ready.Simple to use interface powers the most impactful informal learning
LearnCore is the easiest training and sales tool.Analytics built for Management
LearnCore is proven to make your team better.The Learning Automation platform to streamline and automate your learning.

Our methodology focuses on Knowledge and Skills

measure knowledge retainment and testing.



  • Consume and retain engaging content
  • Utilize notes and personalization for reference
  • Collaborate with your team using Social Learning


  • Assess knowledge and Credentialize
track, measure, test, and gamify the sales skill building process.


Pitch IQ

  • Learn from top performers in less than 10 minutes
  • Ensure consistent and up to date communication and messaging
  • Identify gaps before it is too late
  • Practice before your customer meeting
  • Learn from yourself, your colleagues and the experts
The corporate training platform your team wants to use

LearnCore improves the bottom line

The easiest corporate skill building and sales training platform for admins and employees.

LearnCore specializes in improving business initiatives that improve the bottom line of the business. These are 'High Stakes’ training initiatives that need a simple interface with powerful analytics.

  • Sales Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Onboarding
  • Customer Service
  • Communication and Messaging

Recognized Platform

Awarded 2012 Tech 50 most influential
Awarded top honors as 2014 Gold Medal winner
Inaugural class of Pearson’s Catalyst Program

The best way to understand the power of LearnCore
is to start using it.

Sales coaches recommend LearnCore as the best online knowledge sharing and sales skills building tool available.request a demo