An inspiring sales kickoff is just the beginning, but it only takes three weeks for sales reps to forget 80% of what they learned in sales training. Here’s 3 ways to regularly fuel their success to keep the momentum going throughout the year.

Skills Development
Miller Heiman shares that managers at world-class sales organizations spend 8.6 hours per month on skills development or product training. Learning never stops. There are always new products, new technologies, and new strategies to consider when striving for sales success. As any successful sales manager knows, adapting to a constantly changing environment is a skill in itself. Ensure your sales team has practical resources that they can use to strengthen and broaden their skills all year long.

Knowledge Sharing
Sales teams thrive on collaboration. If employees can see what is and isn’t working for their colleagues first-hand, they are able to both learn from example and provide constructive feedback—which in turn reinforces their own understanding. When tools and culture combine to empower collaboration, your sales professionals grow their skills, increase their confidence, and improve their success rate at a faster pace than they would on their own.

Celebrating Success
Success comes in all shapes and sizes. Acknowledging and rewarding victories large and small is crucial for maintaining excitement within any sales organization. Celebrating employee achievement promotes feelings of shared success among employees, and it can also foster a spirit of healthy competition that drives the company forward throughout the year.

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