When it comes to being more prepared as a seller, AOL is outperforming its competitors. How? By using the LearnCore platform to train its new sales employees on AOL’s entire market offering.

AOL recently acquired Microsoft’s digital advertising business with the intention of creating a long-term channel partnership between the two companies. In an article published by DigiDay, the author notes that AOL’s global head of media sales will be responsible for no small task – training an estimated 600 new employees on AOL’s entire market offering, including AOL’s biggest sell – programmatic – an area in which the majority of incoming employees have no previous experience.

So what’s the most effective way to successfully train 600 new salespeople on AOL’s entire market offering?

By utilizing the LearnCore training platform. Here’s how AOL is onboarding its new employees:

“Led by the company’s head of sales productivity Geoff Dodge, the training program will primarily be conducted through LearnCore, which has roughly 70 video tutorials on topics ranging from overall industry information to AOL platforms and formats. These “modules” can run from anywhere from five to 15 minutes and are led by an internal product owner or specialist in that area. AOL is shooting these videos every week, including updates on older tutorials.”

What’s the bottom line?

AOL’s use of LearnCore exemplifies the importance and functionality of a skills based learning platform that includes corporate wide training as well as department specific initiatives. Learners – in this case, former Microsoft salespeople – will not only receive content and courses specific to their new roles and responsibilities, but also to AOL’s entire market offering.

Plus who wouldn’t want to outperform their competitors?

For the full article, visit DigiDay. In the meantime, discover more on how learning technologies can help you onboard new employees.

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