"After moving training to LearnCore, DialogTech new hire sales reps make their first sale 30% faster."

Tim McGovern

Manager of Strategic Accounts

Challenging new hires to a requirement like Google Adwords Certification was a risk that could have had a negative impact on turnover in Sales, but that’s not what happened. Instead, DialogTech’s revamped training program powered by LearnCore helped them achieve:

 + Speed to First Sale: After moving training to LearnCore, new hires made their first sale 30% faster.

 + Turnover Decreased: Despite assumptions that the Google requirement could cause a higher churn rate, DialogTech’s new hire retention stayed steady while new hires became more productive than previous hires.

 + Certified Knowledge: DialogTech went from having just 10% of their new hires be Google Certified to a 90% Google Certification rate and a 0% fail rate.

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