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CoreConnect brings together the leaders in sales training and enablement for a day of knowledge sharing, collaboration and relationship building. Join LearnCore and our entire extended family to talk about the key issues impacting your team and learn from one another.

Instead of asking ‘why attend’, ask yourself ‘can I afford not attending’.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pre-Conference Workshop

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  • Workshop Kickoff

  • Driving Manager Engagement through Informal Learning

    High performing sales enablement organizations leverage technology for informal learning that addresses timely and relevant sales challenges. Go beyond initiative based training like onboarding, sales methodologies, and new product rollouts and truly align with sales leadership. This workshop will help identify the challenges faced with engaging sales leadership as well as frontline sales reps. The result will be a playbook for any sales enablement leader to take back to their organization with best practices, questions and templates to build an ongoing informal learning culture that is highly adopted by sales teams and has an impact on revenue results.

  • Break

  • Driving Manager Engagement through Informal Learning (continued)

  • LearnCore Certification Crash Course

    A round robin session on the most valuable LearnCore feature sets: Automation, Reporting, Checklists, User Management. Receive a LearnCore Certified Administrator crediential by completing Certification Checklist and assessment (estimated 60 minute additional work).

  • Opening Reception

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

  • Breakfast & Registration

  • Welcome Remarks

  • Scaling Coaching and Engagement for Any Size Sales Team

    Coaching and engaging a sales team can be difficult whether you have 5 or 500 sales reps. As sales teams grow, leaders have to find scalable ways to keep reps engaged and make time for individual coaching so reps can perform at their best. How do you accomplish all of this on top of every day tasks and goals? Discover the best approaches to scaling sales coaching and engagement from our panelists as they share their experiences and successes.

    Nate Lindstrom, Vice President of Operations, Lockton
    Giorgia Ortiz, Senior Director, Sales Education & Enablement, Coupa
    Julie Rhodes, Director, Sales Enablement, Informatica
    Taryn Rosada, Director, Talent Development and Learning, CondeNast
    Nichole Williams, Sales Training Manager, Jive Communications

  • Case Study - Trendkite

    How do you build an onboarding program that can quickly scale to accommodate a steady stream of new hires and provide visibility into effective training? Learn from Trendkite! After identifying training goals for all sales and CS roles, Trendkite built and launched their onboarding program and in one year, have successfully increased revenue and renewals, and saved hours each week on in-person training. Hear how they accomplished all of this with LearnCore.

    Katie Pariseau, Director of Learning Development, Trendkite

  • Break

  • Transparency: The Next Era in Enterprise Sales

    One could argue that the oldest profession in the world is actually sales. Since the first time a caveman sold a wheel, certain core elements of the profession have stayed the same, however, the intricacies of the methodology have evolved. And they are about to evolve again. To win in the future, sellers will need to become the source for information the buyers cannot get anywhere else…their own customer feedback data. Sellers will collect it, analyze it, act on it, but more importantly, share it. Just like brands and retailers displaying positive and negative ratings and reviews on their own web pages online, the successful future sellers will lead with transparency.

    Todd Caponi, Chief Revenue Officer, PowerReviews

  • Stop Selling

    Sales does not work, and you may not be ready to accept this. The traditional skills, thinking, and behaviors of sales do not align with the innate human behaviors and thinking around change, and change is what your prospects either work hard to resist or embrace. If you are having sales conversations, you are making it easier for your prospect to resist. Learn how to have conversations that help your prospect break their status quo around change without giving up your soul to sales.

    Dan Lappin, President, Lappin180 Sales Consulting

  • LearnCore Update

    Find out about the exciting new product releases and updates coming from LearnCore.

  • Lunch Presentation - Secrets of the World's Greatest Sales Coaches

    There's more data around why sales coaching matters than ever before. But creating coaching discipline inside your organization can be challenging. Rob Jeppsen, CEO/founder of Xvoyant and winner of 15 Stevie Awards for Sales and Serivce (including Sales Coach of the Year and Sales Coaching Program of the Year) will share a coaching blueprint to help you:

    - Generate coaching consistency and cadence
    - Create "moments that matter" with each rep
    - Develop predictive coaching plans
    - Become relevant to every rep on the team, regardless of their performance level

    Rob Jeppsen, CEO, Xvoyant

  • Showing ROI on Training is Tricky, but Not Impossible

    Training is an essential part of building a sales team whether you’re onboarding a new employee or getting ready to release a new product. These requirements consume a lot of time and money from sales leaders who need resources to ensure their teams are knowledgeable and effective sellers. But how do you prove your training investment is benefiting the bottom line? Learn from our panel of experts who have developed successful training programs for their sales teams and know how to show the ROI for their efforts.

    Steve Bonvissuto, Executive Director of Innovation, Marketsource
    Katie Fallon, Director, Sales Enablement & Learning, Aol
    Kyle Himmelwright, Senior Manager, Revenue Operations, Optymyze
    Katrina Williams, Director, Sales Capability, CDW

  • Fireside Chat

    John Barrows and Doug Landis will be on the same stage for the first time discussing the state of sales training and enablement. The industry is changing quickly and you need to be ready.

    John Barrows, Owner, JBarrows Sales Training
    Doug Landis, Growth Partner, Emergence Capital

  • Break

  • Keynote Address - The Power of Story

    The Power of Story helps leaders enhance their leadership performance by looking at their everyday communications differently. Using a series of powerful stories, anecdotes, visual examples and his story tools, Craig describes unique challenges we face trying to communicate effectively and demonstrates how leaders create strong connections with people and with the organization’s strategy. He discusses the importance of capturing and telling the right kinds of stories and why stories are the most effective method for enhancing performance.

    Craig Wortmann, CEO & Founder, Sales Engine Inc.

  • Closing Remarks

  • Closing Reception

Keynote Speaker

Craig Wortmann

CEO & Founder, Sales Engine Inc.
Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrpreneurship, Northwestern University


John Barrows

JBarrows Sales Training

Steve Bonvissuto

Executive Director of Innovation
MarketSource, Inc.

Todd Caponi

Chief Revenue Officer

Rob Jeppsen


Kyle Himmelwright

Senior Manager, Revenue Operations

Doug Landis

Growth Partner
Emergence Capital

Dan Lappin

Lappin180 Sales Consulting

Nate Lindstrom

Vice President of Operations

Nils Marchand

Vice President, Global Field Enablement

Giorgia Ortiz

Senior Director, Sales Education & Enablement
Coupa Software

Katie Pariseau

Director of Learning Development

Julie Rhodes

Director, Sales Enablement

Taryn Rosada

Director, Talent Development and Learning
Conde Nast

Katie Rose

Director, Sales Learning & Development

Katrina Williams

Director, Sales Capability

Nichole Williams-Ballingham

Sales Training Manager
Jive Communications, Inc.

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