“Our training program isn’t working. We need new content. People just aren’t getting it!”

In a previous post, Vishal outlined reasons why training content does not need to be a “Hollywood Production.” But sometimes just coming up with a new course idea can feel like an epic battle.

Whether you’re looking for something new, you’re stuck brainstorming ways to make an existing course more effective, or you’re trying to pull knowledge out of a subject matter expert’s head, here’s 4 pieces of content you already have.

Sales and Marketing Collateral: Your marketing team works hard to deliver content that’s easy to digest, relevant to your industry, and of interest to your prospects. Borrow content from the collateral to share with employees, or package together several items to provide your team with an overview of an industry topic.

Illustrate a process document: We all have that 3-4 page document that explains a process in excruciating detail, but does anyone actually read it? Take that content you wish they’d read and repackage it for more visually inclined learners. Use a screen capture program to record as you click through a software process, or use pictures to turn the document into a more engaging presentation.

Interview SMEs: We love talk shows that share information we want and need. Grab your busiest subject matter expert for a short meeting and get them talking about a key product benefit or feature. Once it’s recorded, anyone can refer back and get that expertise even when the SME is booked solid.

Record Webinars, calls etc.: If you have weekly or monthly knowledge sharing or updated calls, RECORD it. It is something that you are already doing and can turn into learning material moving forward. Also think of this the next time you do a webinar, it becomes video content for those that want to refer back to it or for those who have missed it.

Image courtesy of hyena reality at FreeDigitalPhotos.net