For Sales Teams:

85% of companies agree their sales teams’ ability to articulate the value messages is the single most critical factor to closing deals. – Corporate Visions

Can you confidently answer yes to the following questions:

Is your team 100% certified in delivering the corporate story?

Does every rep give great demos?

Can your entire team differentiate your products and services from the competition?

Do your sales managers coach their teams effectively?

With LearnCore, your answer will beĀ YES.

Increase Rep Productivity

Certify Your Team: Make sure the entire sales team is always up to speed and communicating consistently.

– Messaging

– Demos

– Objection Handling

Onboard Reps Faster

Easily deliver training before, during and after new hire bootcamp.

Provide ongoing reinforcement and assessments to make sure training sticks.

Deliver just-in-time learning to the right people at the right time.

Learn-by-doing: Practice and coach before getting in front of clients.

Engage Managers through Coaching

Ensure messaging for new products, markets, and methodologies are adopted.

Managers identify skills gaps, provide personal feedback, and share best practices across their teams.

Use data and analytics to spot trends and challenges before it is too late.

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