New Sales Rep Onboarding Tips

As LearnCore prepares for the Training 2017 Conference & Expo in San Diego, we’re sharing practical advice that goes beyond the normal tips.

You should definitely plan to expand your networks, decide in advance the sessions you want to attend, and take lots of notes. But, below are random bits of advice based on our experience that will hopefully keep you smiling and engaged a few more hours each day.

  1. Use your smartphone camera. Take pictures of interesting slides, expo booths with solutions you like, and even the new people you meet (with their lanyard). It will be a nice way to boost your memory of the good things you came across.
  2. Write about the best (3) experiences you had each day and post it to your preferred social media. Highlighting the interesting work being done by your fellow L&D professionals helps everyone by drawing attention to how training is evolving.
  3. Check in early to avoid the long lines and know where you need to go. Certain conference venues are tough to navigate and you don’t want to miss a session because you couldn’t find the room.
  4. Go to each exhibitor booth at least once and revisit those you find interesting or valuable. Share a specific challenge or goal because they probably work with industries or markets like yours and can share how their customers have accomplished what you are hoping to do.
  5. Share the knowledge when you get back to the office. Set up a Lunch & Learn to talk about what you learned and the new technologies you demoed in the expo. Discuss how your organization can make some meaningful changes and create some goals based on what you’ve taken away.
  6. Practice your 1-sentence introduction. Be yourself!
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. A full day conference can often mean 10 miles of walking so keep your fitness tracker on and get ready to exceed your step goal each day of the conference.
  8. Find out how to be a presenter next year and share your valuable knowledge. This is a great way to build your personal brand and become a thought leader in the industry.
  9. Bring snacks, aspirin, ChapStick, eye drops, and plenty of business cards. Don’t forget to set your out-of-office message!
  10. The internet could be horrible and it’s common to have no connection while attending a conference. If you have a scheduled meeting or conference call, be sure you test it first or you may end up scrambling.

Bonus Tip! If you’re coming to San Diego for the conference, say hello to LearnCore because we’ll be in the expo hall at booth 814. Not only are we friendly but we can show you why video coaching and video role-play is becoming the must-have technology in the training world. Give us any challenge your learners are struggling with and we’ll show you how practice & self-evaluation, effective distance coaching, and peer learning over video will meet your training initiatives.

See you in San Diego!

LearnCore Giveaway at Training 2017 Conference & Expo