It’s been one week, and we’re still basking in the warm glow of success from CoreConnect, our first annual client conference. The combination of the incredible turnout, client enthusiasm, and audience participation was a testament to the growing passion for learning technologies and corporate training initiatives.

The first of many events where LearnCore clients, partners and prospective customers came together to not only network with industry peers, but to also communicate their best LearnCore practices, we couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable day!

Between an engaging keynote on the power of story from Sales Engine CEO Craig Wortmann, advice on how to “Shift your Brilliance” from Simon T Bailey, the lowdown on how clients like AOL, HelloWorld and CDW deliver training at scale, or simple tips to improve user adoption – there was something for everyone. But in case you missed it, we’ve compiled 10 tweetable takeaways from CoreConnect 2015….

1) “Hire for attitude, train for success.” Simon T Bailey, Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer (Tweet This Quote)

2) “Stop going through the facts. Tell a story – inspirations, successes, failures, and legends.” Craig Wortmann, CEO, Sales Engine (Tweet This Quote)

3) “We all have a responsibility to improve our team’s performance and execute our company’s missions.” Vishal Shah, CEO, LearnCore (Tweet This Quote)

4) “What separates the most successful companies from the crowd is not their products and services, it’s how fast a company can change.” Ryan Leavitt, CRO, LearnCore (Tweet This Quote)

6) “Incredible ROI = rolling out our new training in sound bites of 10 minutes or less.” Taryn Rosada, Senior Manager, AOL (Tweet This Quote)

7) “Relationships are the currency of the future. The fortune is in the follow up.” Simon T Bailey, Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer (Tweet This Quote)

8) “Bite-sized training initiatives set expectations high and keeps training top of mind.” Rachel Wehner, Manager of Client Strategy, LearnCore (Tweet This Quote)

9) “Love that LearnCore lets us provide instruction, examples and practice elements all within a single platform.” Jen Laidlaw, Corporate Training & Development, HelloWorld, Inc. (Tweet This Quote)

10) “Training to scale = regardless of audience size, everyone has a personalized practice experience.” Katrina Williams, Director Sales Capability, CDW (Tweet This Quote)

Bonus: “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it’s the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin.

Alright, so Darwin wasn’t at CoreConnect 2015, but his line of thinking is still applicable in today’s world where the most successful companies are those that can quickly respond to market changes. Can’t wait to see what developments we make before next year’s client conference!







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