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A sales demo can make or break an opportunity. If it goes well, you’re one step closer to a signed contract. But if it goes wrong, it may be tough to recover. Even though there are ways to save a bad sales demo, you can also help your reps be better at demoing so they can close more deals.

Check out our list of the top sales demo tips to share with your sales reps.

13 Tips to Better Sales Demos

  1.  Customize it. Time to stop being lazy! Coach your sales reps to keep the body of their sales demo the same but switch out small but critical details that will give it a personalized feel. In the age of modern technology, customers expect customization. Without it, your reps will have a boring, one-size-fits-all presentation.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. Your reps will never present better sales demos without practice. But practice can get old. To get your reps excited about working on their pitch, consider giving them access to sales pitch recording software so they can see themselves in action, and get real feedback from you too. Almost 57% of B2B prospects feel their sales teams are not prepared for their first meeting. Don’t let your reps be one of them!data that helps better sales demos
  3.  Use Video. Everyone loves video! Help your reps jump on the bandwagon by giving them access to screen capture technology so they can easily record their own video to use during sales demos. By simply providing them with forward-thinking technology you’re helping them impress future clients, and keep them more engaged.
  1.  Be time aware. Train your reps to run through their sales demo and understand how the meeting time is being used. They need to explain the essential details in a reasonable amount of time while allocating time for questions and deeper discussion on how your product will help your prospect achieve goals. Plus, if you don’t need to use the full hour scheduled, your prospect will appreciate a succinct sales rep who gives time back to their day.
  1.  Speak the right language. Train your sales reps to do a little recon on their prospects before the sales demo so they can use terminology and language that appeals to their potential client. They can reference websites, published content, or previous communications for clues that will help them connect during the demo.
  2. Use storytelling. Statistics are great, but the data shows that stories are what moves people. Coach your sales reps to stir an emotional connection to their product by sharing actual use cases in a compelling way. In fact, studies show that 63% of presentation attendees remember stories, while only 5 remember statistics. Using this tactic may set your reps apart from competitors who are just regurgitating data.use stories for better sales demos
  3.  Use small talk. The sales demo is about business, but you need to help your reps understand it can’t be business all the time. Help them work on injecting their presentation with some small talk or casual moments so they can build rapport and have a better chance of closing the deal.
  1. Build in checkpoints. Sales demos are a great opportunity to develop relationships with a potential client and understand their goals. Coach your sales reps to have critical stopping points in their presentation that facilitate discussion with the prospect and reaffirms understanding of the product. This will help the prospect know that they are really paying attention to their needs, and help your reps build a good foundation for moving forward.
  1.  Ask questions. It’s critical to capture as much client information as possible during sales demos. Work with your sales reps on a list of powerful questions they can use during their presentation. Asking more questions will not only help prospects feel valued, but it will give your reps critical reference points to reiterate how your product will meet their needs.
  1. Have great follow up. Your sales reps demo efforts will be a complete waste without effective follow up. The numbers are in, and a quick email effort isn’t going to cut it either. Data shows that only 8% of sales reps will follow up a fifth time, and those reps are getting 80% of the sales. Light a fire under your sales reps so they get a little more aggressive, and close a lot more deals.
  1. Get interactive. It’s likely that your reps will be talking for a lot of their sales demo, but you need to coach them to add some interactive components too. Train them to get their audience involved whether it’s getting input, asking questions, bringing up conversation points about their specific organization, or even some fun quiz questions.
  1. Ask for feedback. Coach your reps to ask for feedback. They can ask their audience if there was anything different they would rather see, or send a follow up survey to help gauge their success. Make time to get involved in some of the demos because constructive feedback will help them continue to improve, and give better sales demos.
  1. Get formalized coaching. Giving feedback or tips here or there is great, but what your reps really need is a formalized coaching plan. If you don’t already have something setup, work with your team to get a system in place so there is constant focus on sales demo development.

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