At LearnCore, we like to say the best way to learn is to learn by doing. However, we also recognize the importance of learning by listening to the sales professionals facing similar challenges.

To generate a discussion around the strategies that best enable sales success, LearnCore recently hosted a panel discussion to bring together sales operation leaders and managers from companies like CDW Corporation, Context Solutions and LinkedIn.

Read on to learn about the challenges they touched upon as well as the means by which they’re solving them.

The Challenge: Sales managers tend to focus on their top performers, neglecting the bottom 70% of their sales team who more desperately need training and coaching support.

The Solution? While it’s essential to provide ongoing development and coaching opportunities for the entire sales team, focus your support initiatives on the middle 50% of the team.

The Challenge: When it comes to training initiatives, it’s easy to get stuck in the same old routines.

The Solution? Don’t be afraid to try something new. The most effective sales training programs are those that combine innovative and multiple forms of learning to reinforce training delivery. Try throwing in video sales scenarios or encouraging reps to join live forums and discussions.

The Challenge: Adopting new sales strategies and enablement initiatives can be difficult at a large company that’s set in its training and development ways.

The Solution? Take the initiative in reaching out to senior managers and stakeholders who might more easily see the benefits of sales enablement initiatives.

What was the overall takeaway of the panel discussion?

When it comes to challenges surrounding sales enablement and training initiatives, you don’t have to tackle these issues alone. Take the lead in generating discussions and initiatives among your network of sales professionals to share the strategies and training that work best for your team.

To read more about the best practices shared by the sales leaders who attended the event (or to help you make the case to your executive team) check out LearnCore’s latest eBook “Sales Training & Sales Enablement: The 1-2 Punch for Selling.” This eBook provides research-based ideas to bridge the gap between sales training and on-the-job performance.

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