Today’s competitive business sphere has transferred all the power to the customer. They have more choices available than ever and switching costs are next to zero. Customers rely heavily on and are easily swayed by subjective consumer reviews. Customer service can make or break your company. In order to build a strong business, you need to think about your customers beyond their first or second transaction. Following are some important Do’s and Don’ts of customer service:

Reinvent customer service as customer strategy

Traditionally, the main aim of post purchase customer service is to solve consumer issues regarding the product/service. While every company has established SOPs to deal with customer complaints, it’s the human connection that makes a difference. So when faced with a complaint. Ask youself, how would your grandma help you solve this problem? … with Pie!
DO take immediate action to solve the problem and work with the customer. Show concern and understand their problem. Take a hands-on stance when providing solutions.
DO NOT hide behind red tape, manager approvals and phone recordings. Never ignoring your customer. People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made the feel.

Empower customer strategists to make effective decisions

Customer strategists set the tone of how customer relationships are managed in any company. Their decisions pertaining to customer relationship management have immense impact on all employee-customer interactions. Empowering them to make effective decisions is therefore paramount in handling customer complaints effectually.

DO develop effective decision making skills in customer strategists. Communicate the importance of a human connection and how a few good decisions can turn any situation, no matter how tricky, around. Get buy-in and accountability from your front line.

DO NOT make your customer wait or hold for too long while you try to manage their problems, or subject them to a prerecorded message.


Develop glassdoor policies

There are few worse feelings in life than being duped by fine print. A major shift is happening where customers tend to purchase from socially aware companies they can trust. And as an FYI, it’s typically companies who stay away from piles of confusing paperwork.

DO make your customer service policies consumer friendly and as transparent as possible. Try to adopt an open and frank stance on what your company can and cannot do for the customer.

DO NOT push paper work and confusing jargon on your customers. Even if it isn’t your intention, a large amount of baffling paperwork prompts the consumer to think that they are being tricked.


Measure human-to-human interaction

The main purpose of effective customer service is to turn your customers into loyalists of the company.

These loyalists will act as brand advocates of your brand and therefore your business will grow. Measuring human to human interactions helps you understand how effective your customer service reps are in achieving their goal.

DO measure using NPS to understand where your company ranks in the consumer market. Then use the results to gain insight, and improve the customer perception of your brand.

DO NOT ignore the importance of consumer opinion. Customer perception let’s Apple charge 2x what Dell can.


Customer service is the backbone of any company. It is not only enough to make a sale, the follow up needs to be top notch as well. For more on the topic please visit our blog or contact

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