Whether you are an inside sales, outside sales or really part of any company – e-mail is now the most common method to communicate internally and with your prospects. Many times people run their days completely from their inbox. In Sales, a good e-mail can get you a response, but a great e-mail can get you the meeting and ultimately the sale. These email tips give you some immediate techniques you can do to ensure your next e-mail is great.

Subject Line

If you are writing a cold email than it is important to make sure that the subject is compelling. Many time recipients will delete an e-mail just from reading the subject line. For cold outreach, make sure you keep it intriguing, informal and familiar for that user. Link it to a recent press announcement, common connection or an initiative.

Example from LearnCore: Subj: “Write better e-mails with LearnCore – Intro”

A/B Test

90% of your e-mails are variances of 10 core email templates. That means, that you have already written the e-mails that you spend hours to draft. Think about it, most of your emails are probably related to: introductions, customer objections, meeting follow-ups, and responding to questions. The benefit here is that it brings in some consistency where, similar to marketing, you can start to test different messages and see which ones work best.

Bullet Points 

  • No one likes to read fluff. Keep it short and to the point.
  • Incorporate bullet points – it helps you write high impact statements
  • Much easier to read

Work with your team

You are most likely already do this with a couple people in your company. When you get a question or response via email that you are unsure of, you ask your colleague the best way to respond. But try to involve your team. Some people may have better responses than you; its great to learn from them and see what they write that is different. Pitch IQ just added a new enhancement to improve your team’s e-mail skills with knowledge sharing built right in.

Remember, just like pitching or hopping on a call, writing e-mail is a skill that can be improved with practice!

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