With DreamForce behind us, and our first annual client conference kicking off tomorrow, we’ve got conferences on the mind. Conferences are a great change of pace to pack tons of ideas and insights into a few short days, but absorbing all of this great knowledge while juggling your typical day-to-day tasks like checking email can make conferences a logistical nightmare.

Fret no more thanks to these handy tech tools that maximize your productivity during a conference while helping you avoid forgetting important details. Since you are going to be likely networking during the conference, you can also think of these suggestions as sales enablement technologies or sales tools to help you step up your game.

Be sure to download any of these five apps well before Core Connect 2015 or whatever conference you happen to be attending to become your own master of conference productivity.


Evernote’s note taking, indexing and collaborative functions are all great for conferences, but Evernote’s absolute most useful talent in that setting is capturing business cards through Evernote Hello.

Considering you are going to be handed stacks of business cards during your conference, being able to simply snap a photo and have that contact info uploaded will be a lifesaver. Hello even suggests social media connections, like tracking down the cardholder’s LinkedIn profile and business Twitter handle.

Battery Doctor

Nothing ruins a conference like a dead device battery. Suddenly, your portal to office activities and communication with peers is shut down.

Avoid being the guy asking where the outlet is by using Battery Doctor to carefully manage your battery consumption and keep tabs on what is eating up the most juice. The app promises to stretch your battery life by up to 50 percent, a lifesaver when your charger is back at the hotel.

Conferences I/O

Q&A sessions tend to be a free-for-all, but Conferences I/O introduces some democracy. Before or during a presentation, users can submit their questions for the presenter to respond to. People in the audience can also vote on the question they want answered the most, allowing presenters to see in real time where the conversation should go. Questions asked before the meeting can help the presenter alter their agenda to correspond with the dominant concepts their audience wants discussed.

Conferences I/O’s real-time polling capability can be used during the conference to give presenters instant demographic data on their audience as well as their responses to the presentation, creating deep levels of insight that were not possible before.


Tweetbot does an amazing job of organizing your tweets logically and in a gorgeous interface to boot. Since more and more conferences are using targeted hashtags to communicate across social, staying on top of the online conversations is indispensable for connected attendees. Tweetbot also saves your spot in your Twitter feed between your iPhone and MacBook, ensuring you never miss a tweet.

Go ahead and download these apps before you head to Core Connect 2015 in Chicago or any other conference you plan on attending. We promise that you will feel like a conference superhero with all these great sales tools under your utility belt.

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