From Brian Westfall, Market Research Associate at Software Advice:

Software Advice conducted a survey of more than 150 HR professionals who use learning management system (LMS) software to learn how their organizations are using these systems for training, what benefits and challenges they’ve experienced and what their plans are for 2015. The results will inform potential LMS software buyers more about these systems to help them find an LMS system that works for them.

With any new software comes challenges, and LMS systems are no different. According to users, the biggest challenges that they are facing with their LMS software are integrating with other systems (cited as a “major” or “moderate” challenge by 32 percent) and a lack of customization (22 percent). This has led to a shift away from rigid on-premise systems to more customizable and accessible Web-based software.

What’s in store for 2015? Forty-five percent of respondents say they plan to increase LMS software investment this year, while another 45 percent say their investment will stay the same. Only 10 percent say they plan to decrease investment. The LMS market stands at over $2 billion, according to Forbes, and is going to continue to grow. Overall, users are reporting immense satisfaction with their LMS system’s impact on their organization’s training—so much so, that nearly half are increasing their LMS investment this year. Potential buyers have a lot of options to choose from, and they should take careful consideration in analyzing needs, defining system requirements and vetting available products to find the right system for them.