Sales Reps Q4 Holiday Tips

For sales reps, the holidays can seem like a real buzzkill as deadlines approach and prospects get busy. Help your sales reps finish the year strong by sharing these end of Q4 tips.

1.  Don’t Assume Every Lead is Busy

Nothing’s worse than losing out on sales because your sales reps assumed way too much. They assumed your clients were too busy, they assumed they were taking vacation, they assumed they weren’t going to sign the deal during the holidays. Train them to stop assuming! Remind them that their clients may have end of year budget, or need to implement a solution before the new year starts.

2.  Use the End of the Year as a Reality Check

The year is coming to a close, which makes the perfect opportunity to encourage your sales reps to check in with their clients and review their progress.

  • Did they accomplish their goals?
  • Did they meet their quotas?
  • Did they solve existing business problems?
  • Did they improve their organization?

Reminding them to take a closer look at their year in review can be the perfect opportunity show them how your solution can have a big impact in 2017.

3.  Make the Holidays the Perfect Conversation Excuse

Teach your sales reps to take advantage of the holidays. Do they want to touch base with clients but need an excuse? Tell them to blame the holidays. They can reach out with a warm note or just to touch base about holiday plans. It’s also a good way to make sure they’re still in good standing with their clients. The average company loses between 10% and 30% of it’s customers each year, don’t let them be yours! Have your reps go the extra mile and make a phone call instead of just emailing, a no pressure conversation could go a long way in building their relationship.

4.  Send Some Swag

Raid your marketing department for some company swag that your sales reps can send to their clients with a happy holidays greeting. Their clients will appreciate that someone is thinking of them, and it’s a great reason for your reps to follow up with a call to see if they received the gift. Studies show 8 out of 10 say a branded promotional gift increases brand awareness.

5.  Book Out Your New Year

Clients may be booked up and out of the office during the holiday season, but there’s no reason your sales reps can’t start scheduling meetings for the new year. Train them to use the holiday season to get themselves set up to hit the ground running in January.

6.  Get Pumped Up

Use any extra down time during the holiday season to get your sales reps motivated for next year. Encourage them to hit an industry event, do some online training, or even read a book. Anything that will get them reinvigorated for the new year will be worth the investment in the long run.

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