7 Tips to Improve Sales Productivity

Just because you have a team of sales rockstars doesn’t mean they are reaching their full potential. Even great reps can get bogged down when their organizations are built to enhance sales productivity.

Instead of letting your reps suffer alone, start implementing changes that will empower them to stop wasting time, and start selling more. Over one trillion dollars are spent annually on sales forces in a world where 55% of sales people don’t have the right skills to succeed at their jobs.

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Get started on improving your sales productivity with our tips below, and make sure your team is one of the successful ones.

7 Tips for Improving Your Sales Productivity

1. Invest in onboarding and training.

The basis for any great sales team is good onboarding and training. With a tech enabled onboarding program you can get your reps up to speed right whenever they start. Using online training software with video lessons, information libraries and testing capabilities helps your reps learn better, and faster.

The faster your reps are up to speed on your company and products or services, the quicker they can close. LearnCore clients have seen new reps hit their first sale as high as 50% faster after completing a formalized training and onboarding program online.

2. Leverage your marketing team.

There is way too often a disconnect between sales and marketing. While the two teams can feel like they’re fighting different battles, they should be supporting each other. Help foster a symbiotic relationship between these two departments to increase sales productivity.

Instead of creating their own materials time and time again, encourage your sales reps to let the professionals do it. Your team may even be able to help create better quality materials by providing feedback. Better materials can lead to a more efficient sales process for your reps.

3. Automate when you can.

One way to boost your sales productivity is to give your reps more time to sell. How do you do that? Cut out the extra manual work. Automate sales processes where you can to save time and frustration for your reps.

There are countless ways to automate processes for your reps including using email templates, adding trigger workflows in Salesforce, or even hiring a service dial phone calls on their behalf. Getting rid of some of the daily grind will make your sales reps happier and give them more time to focus on closing deals.

4. Hold your team accountable.

It may seem obvious but holding your team accountable is a simple way to improve sales productivity. Do your sales reps have specific metrics and goals tracked on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

If not, now is the time to set some in place. Successful sales organizations use a variety of metrics to hold their sales reps accountable. Whether you choose something like number of calls, time spent talking with customers or number of appointments, it’s critical to make sure your reps are producing. Consider tracking key metric activity in a CRM like Salesforce for increased efficiency.

5. Start qualifying your leads.

Don’t let your reps waste time on bad leads, and don’t rely on them to figure it out either. Create a lead qualification system to guide your reps in the right direction. A huge component of this process is defining your customer. Honing in on information like demographics, needs, wants, likes and spending patterns will have a huge impact on sales productivity.

Gleanster research says only 25% of leads are actually legitimate and should be advanced to sales. If your teams are sending everything to sales, it’s time to stop. Get a process in place to save valuable time and resources.

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6. Improve your sales support systems.

The success of your sales teams doesn’t depend solely sales. Start focusing on the teams and process that directly support your sales team too. Customer success teams provide invaluable support for sales reps with activities like upselling, cross selling, creating long term success plans and acting as a trusted advisor for clients. You should be investing as much time into their training as you are your sales team.

And don’t forget about inbound marketing. Your prospects live in a world where they can learn a lot about your product before they even talk to a sales rep. Let them. This saves you valuable time and resources, and provides better opportunities for your reps. The average B2B buyer is 57% sure of a purchase before the first sales touch point. Let your inbound marketing processes nurture leads before they hit your team to improve sales productivity.

7. Invest in technology.

You could tackle all six sales productivity strategies above, but without technology you’ll still be lagging behind. Think about it, does it make sense to invest in onboarding and training if your investment doesn’t involve technology? Not unless you’re living in the past. Sames goes for nearly every other item on our list.

Taking advantage of new technology to improve sales productivity is what every smart organization is doing. Ignoring the massing strides being made in sales enablement powered by tech is essentially digging your own grave.

Have other tips for boosting sales productivity? We’d love to hear about them.

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