8 Planning Tips for Dreamforce 2016

Get the most out of your Dreamforce 2016 experience by using these simple planning tips.

8 Ways to Plan Smart for Dreamforce 2016

1.  Book Your Accommodations Early.

With over 150,000 attendees, this growing conference takes over the city of San Francisco. Book your accommodations early (like at the end of last years’ conference early) to make sure you’ve got an ideal spot, at a reasonable rate.  

2.  Cover Your Duties Back at the Office.

No matter what you think, you’re not going to have time to check emails and handle work back at the office. Make sure you’re covered so you can focus on the wild whirlwind that is Dreamforce 2016.

3.  Meeting Management #1: Schedule face-to-face meetings in 10-15 minute windows.

Remember in college when you lined up the perfect schedule with the best classes, times, and professors? It’s time to put together that winning line up again. Create your perfect Dreamforce 2016 schedule and do your best to grab the spots you want.

4.  Meeting Management  #2: Schedule your most important meetings around off-site meals, coffees, and drinks.

The expo is so busy, with too many opportunities for interruption. Be sure to get your key meetings away from the noise so they can focus on you.

5. Meeting Management #3 –  Always have an exit strategy.

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a low impact conversation while the rest of the conference passes you by. That’s why it is critical to have an easy way to maneuver yourself away from bad conversations and into ones that drive business. If you ever feel the momentum slowing down, try this easy sound bite, “Hey <name>, it was so great meeting you. And I have your contact information, but as you can imagine I have some very specific goals to hit while I am here. Do you mind if we pick this back up after the conference?”  

6. Meeting Management #4: Create both dream and worst case schedules.

This exercise defines the minimum viable schedule in order to have an ROI positive trip. Start with your must have meetings as your worst case game plan, then slowly add in more. Remember sessions can fill up almost instantaneously so get some backups ready. And don’t forget, you can always watch the ones you missed online after the conference is over.

7.  Plan Expo Visits.

Hitting the expo without a plan will leave you wandering through hundreds of vendors with a lot of wasted time on your hands. Get a handle on who’s going to be there, who you need to see, and what the most efficient plan is. And while you are there, stop by the LearnCore booth.

8.  Figure Out Transportation.

Have a transportation game plan in place. If you’re familiar with the city this might be second nature. If you’re newbie you’ll need to decide whether you’ll be using the BART train or jetting around using Ubers. Keep a copy of your hotel information on hand as a backup.

9.  Gear Up for Social Media.

Capitalize on your Dreamforce 2016 attendance by connecting to an even wider audience through social media. Catch up on important hashtags and discussions and then get active during and after the event. Be sure tag photos and comments with the official hashtag of #DF16.