For Account Management

Create Raving Fans

How confident are you that your Account Management team can:

Explain product updates and the value to each client they manage?

Train and drive adoption on your products?

Handle on the spot negotiations for renewal?

Handle feature requests or objections?

Introduce and sell new value add solutions to existing clients?

Your account management or customer success team is the main link between your business and your clients. They are responsible for crucial communications, help and advice that improve the health of your business. Every client is different and the ability to manage, help and keep them happy requires significant skill. LearnCore ensures that your account management team creates raving fans.

Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Renewals

Add value to every conversation.
Discuss renewal terms and have that conversation well in advance.
Gain executive level relationships.
Increase engagement and communicate actionable.
Introduce the premium upgrade in a consultative way.

Become a Product Expert

Train your clients on how to get the most value out of your product.
Be up to date on the latest releases and explain how it adds value to your clients.
Roleplay customer questions and responses.
Share best practices on using the product.

Implement and Onboard Customers the Right Way

Train clients on your solution
Follow set-up process to ensure a successful roll out
Create content for ongoing support
Align with Customer KPI’s

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