ADT TechKnowledge 2017

ATD TechKnowledge is one of the leading conferences for new ideas to improve your learning program and includes an Expo with over 100 vendors showcasing the latest solutions. While other events focus on solidifying the basics or applying specific Learning & Development (L&D) principles, this is where you go to think about the future state of your initiatives.

If you are planning to attend or know someone attending, here is our advice on what to expect and make the most of your time during the Conference.

Networking with Peers

Like all conferences, networking is one of the best advantages when attending in person. At ATD TechKnowledge, meet and share knowledge with peers in the talent development profession and be ready to discuss new ideas for your learning program. Leverage the networking breaks, welcome reception and ‘Meet to Eat’ program to build your network with attendees who are all trying to discover and implement new technologies.

You should also feel encouraged to join demos or conversations in the expo hall as they’re taking place. We’ve seen attendees meet one another because both stopped to watch a demo and discovered both of their organizations were facing similar challenges. After realizing they could help one another, the attendees exchanged business cards to maintain communication after the conference ended. New peers, mentors, or friends will certainly be made if you are open to meeting them.

Learning the Hot Topics in Talent Development

The learning at ATD TechKnowledge is top quality. There are sessions covering the key topics in the learning development industry including delivering valuable virtual classroom experiences, upgrading your daily stack of tools, and change management – all taught by experienced professionals.

Scrap Learning” is a hot topic today. This refers to the 80% of training or coaching that makes no difference and is never applied outside the classroom. Of course, engagement will always be at the top of an L&D professionals mind. You may also want to find out more about the neuroscience of learning. These ideas and more will be explored at length in several different sessions at the conference and are all important topics to keep in mind as you improve your learning program.

Demo the Best Solutions for Your Company

A highlight of the event is clearly the Expo Hall. LearnCore will be attending ATD TechKnowledge in Booth 606 and ready to demonstrate how our learning software can help you develop an effective learning program. You will find other companies in the Expo Hall that create amazing learning games, offer engaging video content and use mobile effectively.

Video coaching is still a “disruptor” in the learning space and the only new technology being showcased. Adding the opportunity to practice or sharpen new skills is a vital task that has been difficult to offer in the past, but is now simple and available. When you add the opportunity for effective distance coaching and social learning with video, the technology qualifies as a must-see.

Here are a few suggestions before you hit the Expo Hall and grab all that great swag.

  1. Consider your entire training stack – LMS, video content, engagement tools – which solutions are creating actual change or improvement? If you took any piece out would it make a difference in the daily work of your employees? This is an opportunity to examine your status quo and be open to new ideas that move the needle.
  2. Ask for a demo. Every single booth has something for you to touch, see, and experience. Learn by doing!
  3. If you like a solution, schedule time together after the event. Real life will be waiting for you when you get back to the office and it’s easy to forget the great plans you had during the conference.

Now that video coaching software is an established and critical component in any learning path, LearnCore has taken it a step further and combined the LMS and testing/assessment function with a robust video coaching tool for a complete training program. Come by Booth 606 to share the challenges holding your team back and we’ll provide specific ideas on how LearnCore can help.

Safe travels to Las Vegas! We hope you make 2017 a year of new ideas and meaningful change.

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