It’s my favorite time of the quarter! Time to wrap up projects, set new goals, and reflect on what worked (and what didn’t) over the past 3 months.

As the minutes tick by today and projects, deals, and task finalize, take a deep breath and review our top infographics to see how you measure up, and how you can optimize behaviors that drive the bottom line in Q2!

Top Training Initiatives for 2015: Did you follow through with plans set at the end of 2014, or lose course when a challenge came along?

Sales Training KPIs – Is it working?: Run those final reports and connect the dots to show training’s impact on revenue.

Maximizing Your Sales Training Investment: Numbers from above not quite what you hoped? There’s still lots of time to maximize your training investment and turn costs into revenue.

Make Sales Emails Better: Get a quick win with three easy ways to fine tune emails for greater response rates.