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Sales certification programs are essential to quickly and efficiently prepare sales reps on complex products and services. More organizations are turning to this transformative strategy to certify sales reps have the knowledge and skills to close more deals.

We’ll be exploring this important topic and starting with the sales certification basics.

What Are Sales Certification Programs?

Sales certification programs are used internally to roll out new products, programs, or information to sales reps. You are certifying that your sales reps know what to sell, and how to sell it.

This standardized approach helps ensure that sales reps are proficient in all essential information by using a learning component to make sure all training and messaging is consistent, and an assessment component to hold reps accountable.
To get the biggest impact from certification programs, sales reps need to be able to apply what they’ve learned. LearnCore helps take your certification strategy to the next level by adding the ability for sales reps to continue to practice, improve, and measure their skills with our Pitch IQ video coaching software. Our clients see the biggest return on their training investment when their reps use this leading technology to refine their skills.

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Sales certification programs are customizable solutions for internal employee education that work because they provide your team with focus, a competitive advantage, and results. Companies that implement continuous training see 50% higher net sales per employee. Now imagine those results if you could actually certify that your reps were learning, and help them practice too.

Why You Need Sales Certification Programs

Sales certification programs are necessary for companies of all sizes who need to make sure their messaging is consistent, and their sales reps can effectively apply critical knowledge in their role.

There are several ways implementing these programs can help your organization:

  • Ensure sales reps are “client ready”
  • Improve sales messaging consistency
  • Determine individual sales rep proficiency
  • Incentivize sales reps with professional development
  • Streamline sales training efforts
  • Fastrack new initiative roll outs
  • Motivate sales reps to learn

While sales certification programs are particularly critical for organizations with complex products or services, any company can benefit from a more effective sales training process.

Common Sales Certification Programs

Sales certification programs are used for a wide variety of topics and challenges within professional organizations. Get acquainted with some of the ways your team could benefit from this strategy with these common use cases:


Using a sales certification program within your onboarding efforts will help ensure that your sales reps are truly client ready. Streamlining your onboarding process will create a more efficient program, helping your reps close their first deal faster.

Sales Automation

Similarly, when new sales reps join your organization they also need to get up to speed on how your team uses automation. Use a sales certification program to train and assess their knowledge on CRM best practices, online sales tools, and other essential technology resources.

New Product Training

Each new product or service area launch should include a sales certification program within your go-to-market plan. This strategy will give you the peace of mind that each of your reps can effectively communicate new features and benefits in a client-facing situation.


Having your sales team spread a variety of slightly differentiated messages about your company, products, and brand can be a nightmare. Sales certification programs can help ensure that each rep can both understand and accurately convey your messaging.

Client Management

Use a sales certification program to train your sales reps in effective client management skills like communication basics, how to handle tough situations, identifying their needs, and best practices for collecting feedback.

Demo Training

Demos are a huge part of the sales process, and your sales reps need to be great at them. Help them hone their presentation skills by using a demo sales certification program to train and test them on their style. For a bonus, use video recording technology so they can get real visual feedback.


Your sales methodology is the foundation for your sales training program, but it’s often forgotten during important training opportunities. Make sure your sales team understands the basis for your sales strategies by certifying their understanding of the selected method.

We’ve just scratched the surface of what sales certification programs are, and how they can transform your organization. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this topic, and join us for our upcoming webinar, Key Steps To Building A Sales Certification Program From The Ground Up, with Doug Landis. You won’t want to miss him share how he developed successful sales certifications programs for some of the leading companies today.

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