The concept of deploying internal sales certifications is gaining steam. Sales leaders (VP of Sales, CEO’s and Chief Revenue Officers) at companies of all sizes are interested in or are in the process of rolling out programs to certify their sales team on company specific items.

It is important to note that external certifications have been around for years for sales professionals. They are officially recognized sales certifications for individual sales people like CPSP, CSP and also product certifications like Salesforce.

Certifications require people to learn and get assessed on their knowledge for a specific topic. Earning an internal certification generally means that the individual is proficient and able to apply their knowledge without much assistance. For those hiring or managing others, a certification saves time and removes the risk when you haven’t directly seen performance in that capacity.

In the modern day, certification credentials bring a gaming concept called badges, or accolades to the professional world. Visual badges and team leaderboards motivate those earning the certifications by adding a competitive element to higher levels of proficiency, since not everyone gets one. They also help employees identify who to turn to if they need additional help or questions answered.

Internal sales certifications are especially helpful for companies with complex and rapidly changing products, new hires or promotions on the sales team, and where it is important for people to communicate the message a certain way. Here are some key benefits we see to deploying certifications internally:

  • Ensure that everyone is client ready before the first meeting.
  • Being certified before selling a new product makes sure your team is up to speed as the company evolves.
  • Helps take guesswork out: know who are the experts and who needs help.
  • Motivates your team to earn something that correlates with success at your company.
  • Tangible measurement that stays with the individual as they grow within the company.
  • Improves retention so that everyone on your team doesn’t need constantly re-prove their proficiency.

Having internal certifications combined with actual sales performance becomes very powerful and aligns incentives for all parties involved.

You can turn many types of training that you already have into a certification. Reach out to learn how using a tool like LearnCore you can automate the process of rolling out a certification program.


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