"LearnCore made the entire training process more effective, while resulting in a shortened sales cycle for new sales hires at HelloWorld."

Jen Laidlaw

Training & Talent Development

HelloWorld chose LearnCore to roll out sales training, leverage the knowledge held by key employees throughout the organization, and assess the skills developed by the existing team and new sales hires. Experts can provide their insights and knowledge through the LearnCore platform and scale their expertise to the rest of the team.

As a result:

+ HelloWorld increased the speed to proficiency for new hires, getting new sales reps selling faster from 100 days down to 50.

+ Team members maximized their training time, never wasting time learning to use a new tool because the platform is straightforward and easy to use.

+ Managers and subject matter experts found immediate value in recording and sharing their own content outside of the onboarding curriculum.

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