“LearnCore has been so easy to use – that’s the feedback we get all the time. New hires find it comforting knowing they have this resource available if they aren’t getting all of the information on day 1.”

Ritsa Skandalides

Certification Marketing Manager

In 2013, MediaMath began hiring 10-15 new employees monthly but their onboarding process couldn’t keep up with their expansion. New hire onboarding consisted of a monthly, in-person meeting called “Day 1 Orientation,” where over 15 departments presented to new hires. An internal onboarding survey uncovered that inefficiencies existed on both the Learner and the Instructor side, resulting in a growing knowledge and skills gap for the business. MediaMath knew something had to change.

+ LearnCore made the entire onboarding process more effective, while resulting in higher engagement and retention for new hires at MediaMath.

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