“LearnCore is the tool we use to continually sharpen the sales saw...it ensures we can effectively represent RapidMiner in front of the customer at the technical and the sales level.”

Fred Gedling

Chief Talent Officer

RapidMiner is no stranger to the application of data in decision making. In fact, their predictive analytic platform puts them at the forefront of this explosive industry. Their solution enables customers to apply the power of predictive analytics to any business process. Unfortunately, their success didn’t come without growing pains. To be able to meet increased demand for their solution, RapidMiner had to quickly roll out updated training programs to new and existing sales reps. However, the executive team realized they couldn’t achieve these goals and continue to capture market share without optimizing how they were training the sales teams.

+ RapidMiner utilized LearnCore’s sales training platform to ensure its sales teams were properly communicating their mission critical message with improved product knowledge and a 20% decrease in time to first sales among other benefits.

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