We don’t know about you, but here at LearnCore, we’ve seen incredible benefits from channel partnerships and how they can be a high impact strategy for businesses looking to scale. We also know that investing in collaborative selling and partner management opportunities go a long way in providing access to new customers and referrals that bring in business.

By means of practicing what we preach, LearnCore recently partnered with the Phoenix Consulting Group to pull together the best steps to define, refine and secure a channel partnership as well as the ways to help distinguish the type of managers that would excel at this line of work. So what exactly is a partnership alliance? Read this exert from the white paper to find out:

“To many organizations, alliances and strategic partnerships are “the new way businesses grow and innovate,” particularly as they experience a rising profile within the C-suite. As partnership alliances become an increasingly important source of innovation for companies, they are integral to future success. One study cites that 51% of CEO’s want to prioritize innovation and access to new technologies through partner initiatives. Another 46% of survey participants note a preference for partner initiatives to instead focus on ways to access new customers.

Additionally, companies that develop strategic partnerships are more successful than their peers. Best practice research has shown that the most effective alliances are those that are directly aligned to the corporate strategy as well as deeply collaborative when developing the partnership. This is accomplished by involving senior leadership, stakeholders, and partners in designing the strategic intent of the partnership.

Partner managers should position themselves as not merely managing a relationship or even partner sales, but as managing a business with the capacity to deliver innovation, new streams of revenue and bottom line impact. Businesses with a robust partner program have come to realize that the partner management role is an excellent training camp for the next generation of leaders.”

What’s the bottom line? With employee engagement and talent management at the forefront of corporate training, businesses should be strategic in enabling and developing the full suite of general management skills of their partner managers to drive innovation and incremental growth opportunities. For more information, download the white paper: Making Partner Managers Winners: What They Need to Succeed.

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