choose the right sales training software

Choosing the Right Sales Training Software

Sales leaders from all industries are investing in training software that will transform their sales team and drive better performance. Whether you’re using a traditional learning management system (LMS) or upgraded to improved technologies with video coaching and the ability to practice a pitch, an effective sales training software has the potential to streamline processes, decrease costs, and most importantly, generate more revenue.

Features and Benefits of Sales Training Software

When researching your next sales training solution, there are multiple ways the software should be able to transform your business:

Video Coaching

Video is completely transforming the sales training industry and smart sales leaders are adding video coaching to their training program. The technology provides sales reps the opportunity to record a practice pitch and enable sales managers to review and provide feedback. Plus, the inclusion of video in your sales coaching program improves retention, boosts adoption, helps with flexibility, and keeps reps happier.

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Onboarding Sale Reps

Top level sales training technology allows you to onboard sales reps faster, provide consistent training and lower expenses. One company saw sales reps make their first sale 30% faster after designing and implementing an onboarding program using their sales training software. Your technology solution should allow you to create custom learning modules, test knowledge, store content, increase communication and monitor onboarding progress.

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Using technology to automate and streamline your sales training program will help you achieve consistency in your messaging by training everyone the same way. In-person sales training efforts are left to the discretion and style of the teacher, which can lead to a diluted and inconsistent brand when it’s critical for your sales reps to use the same messaging when talking to prospects.

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Sales Certification Programs

The most developed sales training technology solutions allow sales leaders to easily implement their own certification programs. The benefit of certifying sales reps ensures they have the knowledge and skills to connect with prospects and close more deals.

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Your Sales Technology Selection

After researching, choosing a training software partner, and implementing the technology, how do you know if it’s working? And, did you make the right choice?

If chosen correctly, a sales training software really works! 40% of companies that use training software report a 40% increase in revenue, a 53% increase in productivity, and a 23% decrease in cost. Considering the benefits of good software, it’s more critical than ever to feel confident you chose the best sales training software option for your organization.

To help assess your selection, download our sales training software checklist.

Download the Sales Training Solution Checklist