Sales Coaching for 2016 Goals

The end of the year is approaching, and sales goals are looming. It may feel nearly impossible to catch up, but a few simple sales coaching adjustments can make goals much more obtainable. Check out our six best practices for helping your sales reps hit their 2016 goals.

1. Prioritize the Best Leads.

Train your reps to focus on accounts that will pay off by trimming the extra fat in their sales pipeline. Make sure they don’t funnel resources into unqualified leads, especially at the end of the year when deadlines are approaching.

2. Be Faster.

Coach your reps on timeliness. If a lead hits their inbox and they decide to head to lunch, they shouldn’t expect to hit their 2016 goals so easily. A timely response can be the difference between hitting their numbers, or not, because 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

Sales Coaching for 2016 Goals

3. Keep Feeding the Beast.

In order to keep closing, your sales reps need to keep prospecting. Bringing in new leads should be a regular part of their day, week, and year. A qualified pipeline should be about three times bigger than their quota. Make sure their pipeline is big enough to actually support the quotas they are trying to hit.

4. Practice Your Presentation.

Coach your sales reps to use video training technology, like LearnCore’s Pitch IQ, to record and perfect their presentation. The only way to improve their skills is to get an honest look at where they’re at. And there’s no medium more honest, and sometimes surprising, than video.

5. Bring in the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Are your sales reps sweating out a deal they just can’t seem to close? Call in the SMEs on your team. Using sales leadership on the most critical deals is a smart strategy. Sales reps should tap into your expertise, and they will get that much closer to closing the deal and meeting their 2016 goals.

6. Manage the Calendar.

Holidays and client vacations can really mess up a schedule. Your reps want to close a deal and their clients just want to have a little fun. Train your sales reps to use holidays and vacations as an excuse to bump up communication. Have them check in, send a gift, or leave a holiday greeting. The better their relationship, the easier their sales quota is to reach. Have them give the phone a try. After all, 92% of all client communication happens over the phone.

Phone Calls to Hit Sales Reps 2016 Goals

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