coaching your sales team to sell to millennials

By 2025, millennials will account for 75% of the workforce. Whether you are a millennial or not, understanding how this demographic operates will be an increasingly important part of your sales strategy. Today’s influencers are tomorrow’s decision makers.

Let’s explore “three B’s” foundational to coaching and training sales reps to successfully convert prospects to buyers specifically as it applies to millennials.


Millennials flock first to digital resources because they grew up in the age of the Internet. They’re self-educated consumers who perform research and seek out peer input (check out LearnCore’s ratings on G2 Crowd!). Social media and online message boards are the new global “water coolers” for learning about products and services.

Millennials care about values. They gravitate towards brands that emphasize passion, diversity, social change, and personal growth. Nevertheless they value authenticity. For this reason, they are just as inclined as generations before them to do business with a company because of an individual rather than because of a brand reputation.

Understanding millennial behavior and mindset will help your sales reps prospect and communicate with millennials more effectively.



Make your sales reps ambassadors for your company vision and values. Each rep should confidently represent the brand as well as the solution because millenials will connect with your company through the person they engage with. In other words, sales teams work to court your buyer rather than to convert your buyer.

Train your team to convey company culture and values in addition to solution and product features. Ask yourself:

  • Do my reps sound upbeat and friendly when engaging a prospect?
  • Are they knowledgeable about our company’s brand footprint?
  • Do they have access to the information they need to communicate our company’s mission, vision, and values in an accurate and appealing way?

Key messaging should be consistent. Training solutions help ensure this. Aligning messaging helps consumers connect with your organization and trust your sales reps, which breeds customer loyalty. Finally, remind your reps to avoid generalizations. Today’s consumers, and especially millennials, value a personal touch over scripts and bots.


Just like generations before them, millennials have to stick to a specific budget. Coach your sales reps to zero in on messaging that will convey the biggest dollar impact to customers. They should be well versed in budgetary aspects like investment, ROI, time savings, and others. They should be skilled at navigating tricky pricing questions and always drive toward scheduling a follow up meeting if they can’t get to a close.

Ask yourself:

  • Are all your sales reps adept at answering questions about your product pricing?
  • Can they communicate ROI in an appealing way that speaks to problem-solving for the customer?
  • Are your new and lagging sales reps working toward a better performance?

Help your team perfect this key messaging with training tools that enable them to practice in real time. LearnCore’s Pitch IQ instantly brings virtual role play and coaching capabilities to life, building retention and confidence. Even better, it allows sales executives to easily track engagement and skill level.

The right technology solutions make coaching and training your sales reps to address budget and cost concerns with buyers proactively simple, while helping your team close deals more effectively.

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As a sales leader, you can embrace building an environment within your organization that naturally fosters the right type of learning and development to help your team improve. Educate your reps on millennial trends, train them to become a part of your brand, and coach them on addressing the financial side of the deal proactively. Above all, focus on consistency across messaging, product/service, and organizational values.

By building a culture focused on impactful coaching and training that speaks to the dynamic millennial generation, your reps will get up to speed faster, target accounts more efficiently, and ultimately boost their sales.

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