Ryan and Vishal from LearnCore recently attended Qvidian’s Connect conference in San Antonio and saw a common theme through out. Sales organizations are facing similar challenges regardless of industry, company size, or region.

Top 3 Challenges:

  1. Difficulty of sales reps to demonstrate differentiation
  2. Difficulty of establishing ROI
  3. Sales managers don’t have enough time to coach.

The first two challenges tie in directly with building the communication skills and knowledge of your team. In turn, we challenged attendees to give their best “elevator-style” pitch and answer our big question “What’s the most valuable thing you learned at Connect 2015?” using Pitch IQ.

Emily won the challenge and shared her plans to use the best practices she learned throughout the conference to optimize the processes at Allied Solutions.

The third challenge face by sales teams turns the focus away from reps and onto leadership and the organization.

Did You Know:

Return on Sales Training investments quadruples when sales reps receive ongoing coaching and reinforcement.

Companies are being inundated with products and services aimed at pushing more content and knowledge to sales teams, but few products alleviate the time constraints faced by management. We can’t add more hours to your day, but we can help you provide meaningful feedback on-the-go using Pitch IQ.

For quick tips to provide coaching feedback for your team, download this cheat sheet: 5 Best Practices for Delivering Feedback That Motivates Your Team and Facilitates Change.

Then, schedule time with us to learn how Pitch IQ can help you and your team to actively build skills, improving communication and saving time.