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Your organization no doubt spends a significant amount of resources building a library of sales collateral to help your reps drive more sales. You want them to have everything they need, and you want them to get excited about it. Most importantly, you want them to actually USE what you create.

No one hears a tree fall in the forest if they aren’t there, and on one will know how great your sales materials are if none of your reps use them.

Start creating sales materials your reps will use by following these simple guidelines.

Align Sales and Marketing to Build a Foundation for Success

Like way too many organizations, you may make the assumption that marketing should be creating all of your sales materials. Leave the chefs to the cooking, right?

You’re right in assuming they should create the collateral, but you’re wrong to think sales doesn’t need to be involved. Just check out this fascinating research from Docurated. They found that only 9% of content produced by marketing is viewed more than five times. In comparison, 57% of content created by sales is viewed more than five times.

sales material content creation data

Now that’s a HUGE difference.

Even more shocking, the same study found that sales generated content was used in 61% of closed deals analyzed, compared to only 26% of content created by marketing.

The bottom line is, you may need marketing to actually create beautiful collateral, but you need sales to steer the wheel. No one knows better than sales reps what kind of content they really need. Having your marketing team toil away hours on whitepapers and case studies that your sales team will scoff at is a massive waste of resources.

Get sales involved early in the creation process so they’re getting what they really want, and more importantly, what they NEED to close more deals. Once you’ve set up the alignment of sales and marketing for success, you can start tailoring the content to make it more compelling for your reps.

What Sales Materials Do Your Reps Really Want?

1.  Content That Lasts.

Work with your marketing team to create content that will stand the test of time, or at least SOME amount of time. If your content is only relevant for a few weeks at a time you’ll either need an army to keep up with it, or your sales reps won’t even bother using it. Remember, you need time to create the content, to train your reps on it, and then time for them to actually use it effectively. Nothing is worse for your sales reps than sending out sales materials to their clients and then having to explain why they aren’t actually accurate.

2.  Collateral That’s Tailored to Your Buyers.

When it comes to sales materials, one size does not fit all. Your sales reps need support for different types of prospects during different stages of the sales process. What they’re communicating may differ based on region, industry, prospect size etc. Find out the types of buyers your sales reps are trying to close so you can properly tailor your collateral to meet their needs.

3.  Materials That Are Tech Friendly.

Your sales reps are on the go, and your sales materials need to go with them. Create content that’s designed specifically to be mobile-friendly and fit the devices your sales reps use most. Are your reps using tablets instead of printed materials? Work with your designers to ensure all sales materials will look great no matter how your reps decide to use them.

4.  Video Content They Can Make Themselves.

While it’s great to bring in the professionals when you need them, you can empower your sales reps too. Give them access to simple online recording software, like Screencastify, so they can create their own video collateral. Letting them create video tutorials or demos on the fly will give them more flexibility, and allow them to create exactly what they want.

If you want to create sales materials your sales reps really love, get your team involved! Find a symbiotic relationship between your sales and marketing teams where sales can generate the ideas, and marketing can put on the finishing touches. Then, tailor content so it’s as relevant for your reps as possible.

When you start creating content your reps actually want, you may be surprised just how often they use it!

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