Do's and Don'ts of Attending Dreamforce

The Dreamforce tsunami is building. Last year the event hosted over 150,000 people and this year is expected to be bigger than ever. If you aren’t prepared it will swallow you whole, and leave your prospects hanging out with your competition.

Dreamforce 16 kicks off Tuesday, October 4th in San Francisco, CA, and will virtually go 24 hours a day through Friday, October 7th.  

Here are some tips on how to not only survive, but dominate the #DF16.

Dreamforce Do’s

Plan Ahead

Lay out your perfect schedule a month ahead of time. Getting the most out of attending Dreamforce takes some planning.

Accommodations book up quickly and expect inflated prices for last minute attendees. Plan to book your hotel for next year at the end of this years conference to avoid competing with the other 150,000+ attendees.

Next, check out the agenda and start prioritizing chunks of time, in and out of the formal conference. Afterall, it’s difficult to close deals while listening to a keynote speaker. We all know that deals get moved along at the networking events, dinners, drinks, etc. Everything is being streamed online and recorded for later so don’t sacrifice a client opportunity just because you like a panelist.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Dreamforce is all about personal, and professional growth. Growth that only happens when you expand your borders. Attending Dreamforce is the perfect time to feed your curiosity.

Instead of sticking with what you know, explore sessions and zones with topics that may intimidate you, or are something you may want to implement in your organization. Just by being there, you are already among 150,000 innovators. Take full advantage of what and who may be standing next to you.

Hit the Expo Off Peak Hours

The expo is a great opportunity to discover new tools and products that solve some serious business pain points. Cruise the halls and talk to exhibitors. You’ll often find yourself speaking with a business Chief Exec or even a Founder. Each booth is fighting for the attention of 150,000 people, so expect swag, and prizes in exchange for your business card.

We suggest hitting the booths late in day. Exhibitors won’t be juggling 5 conversations, and can concentrate on you. Also, if no one else is around, you can ask for extra swag and discounts.

Dreamforce Don’ts

Try and Do it All

There are endless opportunities to explore and learn when attending Dreamforce. Don’t think you can see it all. Aside from potentially cloning yourself there’s no way you can anyways.

Instead, prioritize which sessions and events are most important to what you’d like to accomplish. Are you looking to learn? Get inspired? Network? Lay out your goals and plan accordingly.

Be a Recluse

Dreamforce is a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals, engage in thought provoking conversation, and share new ideas.

Instead of moving from session to session with your head down, make an effort to start new conversations and engage often. You never know who you may meet, and who may inspire you.

Miss Out on San Francisco

With all the excitement surrounding attending Dreamforce, don’t forget you’re in San Francisco!
Add a day or two at the beginning of your trip to ease into the conference and explore the city. Hit a few of the top tourist attractions, or dine in some of San Francisco’s popular restaurants to add an extra layer of adventure to your trip.