The results of LearnCore’s recent survey made one thing clear: everyone wants to be better at doing their job. Study after study show the importance of employee engagement, and giving individuals the tools for success moves the needle faster.

Great managers know highly engaged employees are more innovative and productive and that these factors contribute to bottom-line performance. Engaged employees are retained employees, reducing costs related to recruiting in highly competitive markets. Engaged employees are also better employees, fueling customer service wins and modeling productive behaviors.

Keys to Employee Engagement
When employees have the tools they need to feel empowered, they can feel good about their current job and look forward to growth opportunities. One of the keys to successful employee engagement is articulating what a successful employee is, and communicating this clearly. Best in class firms do this through coaching at every level and empowering not just front-line employees, but their managers as well.

Empowering managers gives autonomy to those that can affect the most change to your bottom line. Giving managers great coaching tools is key to successful employee engagement initiatives. When employees receive the appropriate recognition for their contribution and a job well done, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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