4 Essential Sales Manager Tools for Success

We’re diving into the year post-SKO by focusing on how top sales organizations can leverage their sales managers after kickoff. Part one of our three part series focuses on providing your sales managers the right tools for success. After all, you wouldn’t send your star running back into the game without cleats would you? Stay tuned for parts two and three coming up next!

It’s really easy to get excited about new sales initiatives during your sales kickoff meeting (SKO), and you probably can’t wait to see your organization skyrocket to success. But before you jump to the finish line, make sure your sales managers are equipped with the right tools to accelerate and coach your sales reps.

Check our list to make sure you’re providing your leaders with the right sales manager tools for success.

1. CRM

Every sales manager needs a solid CRM to stand on. It helps them automate time consuming tasks for their reps, keep track of rep productivity, hold their reps accountable, and track critical data. Did you know just how important an CRM is for your sales managers?

  • 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting, and CRM technology helps sales managers monitor whether their reps are putting in the necessary time to close the deal.
  • Nearly 80% of CRM users said their sales team has access to their system. Are you one of the 20% of organizations without access?

Not sure to where to start? Explore these 2017 reviews for top CRM software systems.

2. Mobile Technology

Way too often your sales teams are missing opportunities because they don’t have the right mobile technology to even have a chance. Help your sales managers empower their reps to be faster and more responsive to leads than their competitors by giving them leading mobile technology that allows them to access important company information and data from anywhere.

Think they can wait until they get back to their desk? Check out these stats:

Get started with any of these 48 top rated apps for sales organizations. And don’t forget about training either. More and more smart sales managers are leveraging sales apps for sales training initiatives, too.

3.  Content Creation Technology

No one knows your clients better than the sales reps who talk to them every day, so why are they relying on other people to create their materials? Help your sales managers enable their teams to create customizable powerful presentations themselves. They will never have to attend a meeting unprepared, or search endlessly for other materials again. Don’t think your sales managers could help their teams with access to elearning technology or video recording tools? Check out these statistics:

4.  Online Coaching Capabilities

You just got finished telling your managers about your big sales coaching initiatives for the year at SKO, but did you really think it through? How are your sales manager going to up their sales coaching game without adding any more time into their day? You need to provide them the right technology tools to increase their time efficiency, and increase the effectiveness of their coaching. Giving them access to online elearning software will help them customize training for reps, provide more frequent coaching touch points and reinforcement, and streamline the sales coaching process so they can focus on the rest of their job too.

Check out why using online coaching technology to improve your sales manager coaching efforts matters:

Stay tuned for parts two and three of our post-SKO sales manager focused series, where we’ll dive into coaching effectiveness and time management.

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