What Empowers LearnCore Users?

A full suite of scalable tools to support your training initiatives.

Course Creation

LearnCore allows you to quickly and intuitively build custom courses using all of the training content your organization already has. Seamlessly upload and integrate multiple forms of content to create the perfect course in only seconds. LearnCore’s customizable course taxonomy encourages the creation of bite-sized modules that promote knowledge retention and learning on any device. Spark knowledge sharing in your organization by granting the ability for any user to build their own courses and invite colleagues to learn and contribute.


Easily create assessments that determine a learner’s grasp of the subject matter. Build true/false, multiple choice, and multiple select tests that are automatically scored and reported. At your discretion, set the time limit, the passing score, and the ability for users to retake the assessment.

User Management

With LearnCore, you determine the individuals and groups that can access each course you build. Easily create custom groups to deliver training to specific people or teams. Our simple to navigate User Management page allows you to quickly import new user profiles to make onboarding your entire team to LearnCore a breeze. Meanwhile, grant different levels of admin privileges to team members with LearnCore’s multi-tiered access system.


LearnCore is a SaaS product, meaning it lives in the cloud and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, including tablets and smartphones via our native apps. The interface and taxonomy were specifically designed so that the user experience is just as engaging on any device, making LearnCore a powerful solution for teams on the go and in the office.


Collect all of the data you need on your team’s training activities. LearnCore’s reporting engine conveys data on your team’s progress, completion rates, assessment scores, credentials, social forum activities, and more from the organization level down to the individual learner. Measure your team’s success and correct areas of weakness as you achieve your training goals with LearnCore. Deliver data from LearnCore in standalone files or dump it directly into an existing learning management system or human resource management system.

Gamification and Social

Reward and encourage employees without overdoing it by granting accolades and credentials for completing courses and passing assessments. Inspire group efforts by tying tangible rewards to team performance on training modules and assessments.

Social forums within every course takes the pressure off of your content and allow users to ask questions, share insights, and communicate via message boards. Tying each forum to a specific course encourages and gives context to social interactions. Unlock the knowledge sharing capabilities of your entire team by empowering everyone to contribute on the social forums.

As the co-founder of two venture backed companies we have a strong desire to scale up our teams quickly to meet lofty goals.  Those goals would not have been met if we did not partner with Learncore. Thank you helping us build a workforce of top performers!

Jeff Ellman

Founder, UrbanBound and Hireology