FY2018 budget needs sales enablement

When it comes to investing in sales enablement during FY2018, it’s all about the ROI to get the budget you want. Where can you justify additional cost? What benefits can you expect to see?

To help your budgeting process for the upcoming year, we’re breaking down exactly where you can expect to see a positive ROI with your initiatives.

Check out the following examples to start calculating your potential return:


Streamlining your onboarding program to be more efficient and automated can help reduce the required budget. Using enablement technology solutions to improve your onboarding efforts will create an easier process that requires less human capital, resources, and miscellaneous costs. Not to mention reps will get through their training faster.

You should see an immediate ROI in reduced onboarding costs by investing in sales enablement initiatives.

Ramp Up Time

Investing in sales enablement projects to get your reps selling faster can help boost productivity. Every week a sales rep isn’t fully functioning is a direct loss to team. Sales enablement initiatives can help train your reps faster and more efficiently, so they can start selling sooner.

When you invest in ramp up time improvements you’ll see ROI in both minimizing sales rep down time, and generating more sales raster.

Travel Costs

The right enablement focuses on providing the right technologies and tools to your sales team. With a more digitized strategy, your sales reps can operate independently, from anywhere. Implementing these types of improvements can greatly reduce travel needed during sales onboarding, ongoing sales training, and other sales related events.

Investing in enablement tools will produce a positive ROI by cutting down on expensive travel costs like flights, hotels, food, and entertainment.


When you invest in enablement initiatives to improve your sales messaging, you’re empowering your reps to get better at their jobs. This can help strengthen your sales rep messaging for prospecting, pitches, demos, client meetings, and customer service.

You should see a positive long-term ROI with better client relationships and more closed deals when you invest in sales initiatives targeted at messaging.

When sales enablement initiatives are executed and adopted properly, organizations see an incredible ROI and performance improvement. Use these examples to make sure it gets included in your FY2018 budget.

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