As originally published by SteelBrick.

Congratulations! You invested time to choose the right resellers for your business, you’re happy with your choices, and are already seeing many advantages of having resellers on board. You have great relationships with your resellers and they are hitting sales targets. Life is good! However, you know there is always room for improvement.

So how can you help them improve? Think of the relationship as a partnership and look for ways to provide the tools and resources to make your resellers more successful. If your company is interested in improving sales from your resellers, here are some ways to get started.

1. Share sales best practices

Do you know how your resellers are positioning your products when talking to potential customers? Even if they have a stellar sales team, they may never have sold a product in your category before. Look within your own company for positioning documents you can provide to them, sharing what works best for your teams, including pain points of your prospects, value propositions, and success stories from your sales team. Your resellers can use this information to become better at selling your products.

2. Offer product training 

Provide training to your resellers focused on the technical side of your products. Whether you are selling software, hardware, services or something completely different, everyone who sells your product needs to understand what he or she is selling. They need to know all the features, what everything does, and how it works. Your resellers may not need to be totally technical about every aspect, but when in a meeting with a prospect, they should be confident about describing your product capabilities and how it compares with others in the market. You don’t want to lose deals because your resellers are not knowledgeable enough about what they are selling.

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