Global Learning That Improves Your Bottom Line

Reduce the cost of training and onboarding for global and local sales teams.

Successful training at every level.

Reduce Spending on Travel and Third Party Training

Launching a training initiative isn’t cheap. LearnCore allows your team to scale training across all divisions without adding strain to your budget.

Onboard New Employees Faster and More Effectively

Easily connect the physical classroom with digital reference tools and assessments. Courses can be categorized by week or subject matter and then deployed to all new hires instantly.

Global and Local Learning for Sales Training

Whether your team is worldwide or all in one office, keep everyone on the same page by publishing training courses in real time. LearnCore is cloud based, so you can access content and review key notes from anywhere in the world you can get online.

Leadership Training for Executives

A company is only as strong as its leadership. LearnCore allows you to create courses and measure the success around leadership.

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