When it comes to even the simplest of brands, messaging can easily get lost in translation. Add in large sales teams with complex products or services, and the situation gets a little more hairy.

Whether your company sales are highly transactional or complex, branding can easily get skewed when sales reps start adding in their individual style. When this is accompanied with poor brand messaging and training to begin with, you and your customers end up with a totally different idea of what you are selling or providing.

How do you make your sales team a part of your brand? A lot of the work falls back on the organization, which is great news for you. There are easy ways you can make improvements to the brand messaging being communicated by your sales organization.

We’ve compiled an easy guide to get your brand back on track, and your sales reps aligned.

Unifying Your Brand Message for Sales Team Success

Your brand message can easily get lost in translation if there aren’t clear boundaries and definitions set in place. Ideally, the onboarding and training your company provides should produce sales reps with unified goals and messaging.

Why is this so hard to do? Companies often forget that they provide the foundation for their sales organizations. It’s especially important for companies with complex products or services to have resources that present a unified brand message for their sales teams to use.

Use the following tactics to check in on the current success and uniformity of your sales messaging:

  • Talk to your sales reps. What do they think of the current marketing materials and brand messaging? Do they find them useful? Are there any changes they would make?
  • Do a survey. Survey different departments across your company to find out what they currently think your organization’s brand message is and means. Ask them to define the company goals. You may find that your sales organization isn’t the only team that’s confused.
  • Ask your customers. Find customers you already have a great relationship with and ask them for honest feedback on your sales messaging. Does the messaging help identify their challenges? Does the communication they received match the products or services delivered? Is there room for improvement?
  • Connect your sales and marketing teams. Getting these two teams to talk will produce better quality resources. Get them in a room and let them brainstorm how they can better communicate your brand and offerings.

Once you’ve collected some valuable feedback, use it! If there is mass confusion or opportunity to improve, get to work. Your sales team can’t improve their branding efforts without a solid foundation, and it’s up to you to create it.

Implementing Training to Solidify the Message through Certification

If the previous step uncovered opportunities to improve, don’t forget you’ll need to share that information. You can’t expect your sales reps to automatically know or understand when branding or messaging changes are made.

Take this time as an opportunity to not only introduce new ideas, but re-train on the old ones as well. You may also want to incorporate some of the same information into a formal onboarding program so you can train new reps properly from the beginning.

Leverage sales certification and coaching platforms, like LearnCore, to certify that the team not only learned the message, but can actually communicate it consistently.

Here are some examples of appropriate times for a formal training session for your sales reps:

  • When a new product or service is being introduced
  • When adjustments have been made to the company brand or brand messaging
  • When a new piece of collateral has been created
  • When marketing publishes new materials for sales reps use
  • When other sales reps have a huge client success, or mishap

Because a lot of training surrounds new marketing collateral, keep in mind that sales reps can provide valuable insight in the creation process. Choose a few sales professionals to get involved in the actual marketing material development cycle and you may generate more impactful results.

Prepare Your Reps for the New Sales World

In the past, your sales team was probably the only brand touch point between your company and your customers. In the sales world today that’s simply no longer the case.

Keeping your brand message unified has become even harder due to the various methods your customers and potential customers can learn about your business. Your organization now must coordinate messaging through your website, content creation, lead generation tools, social media, online resources, and sales rep interactions.

There are several ways you can prepare and empower your sales reps to stay on track in the new technology landscape:

  • Keep sales connected to marketing updates. Encourage your marketing team to send updates to your sales team every time they post a new piece of content, a website update, or any other new changes. This will help your sales reps stay up-to-date on the newest messaging, and be prepared if their client mentions something they’ve seen.
  • Train your sales reps on social media. Your sales reps represent your organization when they are interacting on social media, particularly on professional networks like LinkedIn. Have your marketing team, or a professional service come in and provide formalized training to help sales reps maximize their success on social media.
  • Encourage your sales reps to become thought leaders. The best way to keep sales engaged in your brand messaging, is to actually get them involved in content creation. By publishing their own industry insights through your brand and social media they will build their own reputation, as well as boost your brand’s presence.
  • Complete regular client audits. Your sales leaders should be regularly checking in on client interactions. Showing up for a sales appointment can not only make a good impression with a potential client, but it can also provide a great opportunity to check on your sales reps understanding of your brand messaging as well.

It’s up to your company to incorporate the tips above and provide the right foundation and training to help make your sales reps part of your brand.

Do you have other ways you’ve successfully incorporated your sales reps into your brand? We’d love to hear about them.

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