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In honor of LearnCore’s latest product update, Checklists, we’re talking about how to streamline your approach to prioritizing online and offline learning for your team while also providing unique learning experiences.

As a sales manager, it is important to prioritize learning, whether online or offline, in order to maximize the positive impact it has on your team’s productivity and business objectives. Checklists allows sales managers to streamline learning processes for every initiative, certification, or learning goal. This feature provides unique and personalized learning experiences for each team member to improve weaknesses and grow strengths while also tracking the progress of the team’s learning performance at scale.

To prioritize sales training for your reps, we’ve broken down the process into five simple steps:

Identify the Training Your Sales Reps Need

When it comes to creating any training for your reps, it usually begins with listing all of the necessary skills they should have in order to perform their job effectively and close deals. Some example initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Product Certifications
  • Sales Skills Certifications (e.g. Pricing Negotiation)
  • Internal Processes (e.g. New CRM Training)

Establish all tasks in each kind of training – online and offline

Once the key skills have been identified, sales managers should list all of the tasks (online or offline) that will need to be completed in order to complete the certification or training. Based on the previously-mentioned initiatives, here are some examples of online and offline tasks your team would need to complete:

Training Initiative Online Task Offline Task
New Hire Onboarding Setup Work Email Deliver Benefits Form to HR
Product Certification Watch Product Demo Shadow 2 Live Demos
Pricing Negotiation Complete Pricing Course Create a Pricing Reference Doc
New CRM Training Set up CRM User Profile Print Weekly Activity Report

Keep in mind that as you’re building out tasks for training initiatives, some can last for weeks and feature several tasks that must be completed in a serial manner i.e. a new rep must set up their company email before they can email a prospect.

Determine How to Track Progress

To prove the ROI of training, it is important to have reliable and trackable data for your team’s learning performance in addition to their sales productivity. Checklists allows you to pull reports and gather insights for online and offline tasks as they are completing them. When planning your initiatives, it is also important to identify metrics to connect with each one so you’ll be able to know when the training is working. Using Product Certification as an example, a sales manager would want to see which reps are selling more of this product using CRM data compared to their learning performance on those respective tasks in order to determine if the certification is producing more results.

Customizing Learning Paths for Knowledge Levels and Success

After pulling reports and analyzing data, managers can find correlations to the strengths and weaknesses of the team as well as individual sales reps. With this data, sales management can create personalized learning paths for each rep based on their current skill levels. As the sales team grows in their skill sets, you’ll be able to track the positive impact on the company’s business goals and objectives. For product certification, a sales manager may want to create additional training courses for reps who are struggling to sell more of the product and create advanced certification courses for reps who have been successful at selling.

Roll Out

Once the planning has been completed, sales managers just simply need to roll-out the checklist to their team. As the sales team completes their checklist, be sure to check out the reporting for in-the-moment or immediate coaching if necessary. Use a sales training software to program all online and offline learning for easy deployment to reps. If your solution doesn’t offer this, talk with LearnCore to learn more about how you can do so.

Download Example Live Task + Online Learning Paths