Integrations: A Universal and Seamless LearnCore Experience

Integrations to maximize engagement and impact

Connect with Salesforce CRM

LearnCore’s native Salesforce app easily maps LearnCore courses and Pitch IQ’s with Salesforce data.

Have a rep who needs some help cold calling? Just associate your Cold Calling course to that Opportunity Stage, and show how your top reps do it.

Courses will automatically populate based on the rules and mapping you set up. Get the most out of your training by presenting how your team already solved the problems new reps face. And yes, this includes custom fields too!

Data Integrations and APIs

LearnCore offers a variety of ways to easily measure your ROI.

If you are looking for something beyond what our dashboards provide, join our worldwide customer base using LearnCore’s Reporting API. There isn’t an easier way to build custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

Pro-tip: For those of you who have an LRS ready, be sure to tap into LearnCore’s Tin Can API (xAPI) too.

Management free, User Management

Spend less time clicking and more time orchestrating learning.

LearnCore offers a quickly growing package of out-of-the-box non-technical user management Single Sign On (SSO) options. SSO protects and syncs your team’s LearnCore access to your system of record.

In addition to the SSO options, LearnCore is fully SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) compliant. This protocol allows the systems to do all the heavy lifting to a user’s record including provisioning, de-provisioning, updating, removing, grouping, and syncing between systems; without you ever touching the mouse.

LearnCore is proud to provide our customers with the following SSO options:

Okta + SCIM
OneLogIn + SCIM
ADFS direct
Sign in with Google
Sign in with Salesforce

Mobile learning at its finest

LearnCore’s mobile app gives you all of LearnCore at your fingertips — and offline! Want to reference those product specs or see how your boss pitched the deck right before your meeting? No problem. Want to complete that certification during your cross country flight? No problem. Want to… you get the point. Take the LearnCore experience with you, where ever you go, and however you learn best.

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