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John Barrows Sales Training Sessions Available in the LearnCore Platform

Build your LearnCore curriculum with John’s sales training content to improve team skills and increase sales revenue:

– Schedule more high quality meetings

– Tailor messaging at different stages

– Practice with written & video exercises

– Receive coaching from managers & peers

– Training for SDR’s and BDR’s (Sales Development Roles)


How can our partnership with John Barrows help your sales training program?

Filling the Funnel

Most problems are solved with a big fat pipeline, which is why companies love John’s Filling the Funnel training. This program is designed to help your team drive consistent high quality meetings with target executives by leveraging structure, process and techniques.

  • The Death of the Average Sales Rep
  • The Science vs the Art of Sales
  • Know Your Sales Equation
  • The true process of Sales – AIDA
  • The ABCs of account segmentation and strategy
  • The Org Chart, defining the ‘Power Line’ and what true ‘Power’ really means
  • What executives do and don’t respond to and why
  • Professional persistence and your contact strategy
  • What Triggers to use to make a connection and how to find them
  • The two sides of Social Selling
  • Leveraging social tools to have timely information come to you
  • Building your own personal brand
  • Setting up your daily routine
  • EXERCISE: Through research and social media find 3 different triggers/reasons to reach out to a key executive contact at a target account
  • Why most elevator pitches fail
  • Characteristics of effective ‘Attention Grabbers’ that earn interest in the first 5-15 seconds
  • EXERCISE: Develop an Attention Grabbing statement to connect with the triggers/reasons you
  • The “Why You, Why You Now” e-mail structure that has proven to drive a 20%+ response rate from executives
  • Examples and templates
  • LIVE APPLICATION: Develop and send a WYWYN e-mail to a key executive at a target account using your ‘trigger’ and ‘Attention Grabber’
  • The different between weak and powerful introductions over the phone
  • Breaking through the noise with calls and voice mails that get a response using the “Winning Call” structure
  • LIVE APPLICATION: Develop and practice the “Winning Call” using an Attention Grabber
  • Defining your approaches
  • Focus your efforts
  • Track and measure your results

Driving to Close

The Driving to Close program is designed to improve the quality of interactions and executions throughout the sales process. Your team will learn actionable techniques for maintaining urgency, handling objections, negotiating and closing out deals.

  • What it really means to negotiate
  • The Rule of Reciprocity versus Quid Pro Quo
  • The objective components of the buying and selling process
  • Creating a common language with your prospect, management and partners
  • Knowing exactly what to ask for when
  • Objectively assess the true “health” of any deal
  • Know when to walk away
  • Establish and maintain control throughout the entire sales process
  • Ensure accurate forecasts based upon measurable prospect actions
  • EXERCISE: Building your Give/Get ‘Scorecard’
  • LIVE APPLICATION: “Scoring” opportunities in the pipeline to inspect their health and determine next steps
  • The challenges of meetings
  • Aligning temperature levels to ensure rapport, credibility and results
  • Selling to pain and pleasure
  • Structuring your meeting preparation and communication
  • Controlling the meeting
  • Follow up to align expectations, gain commitment and earn respect
  • LIVE APPLICATION: Develop a list of “Perfect Meeting” questions for an upcoming meeting.
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Building your checklist
  • The 5 main techniques on how to handle objections
  • The Art of “cushioning” statements
  • Despise discounting
  • EXERCISE: Write down your 2 most common objections and identify 2 different ways of handling each
  • Why closing is difficult
  • What great closers are willing to do
  • Common buying signs
  • The pros and cons of hard and soft closers
  • 14 different closes, who to use them on and when
  • EXERCISE: Identify what and how you will close for your top three opportunities

“LearnCore’s platform helps sales managers and reps apply my training immediately and allows for ongoing coaching and lesson reinforcement. I’m excited to see the difference we can make together.”

John uses his 18+ years of sales experience to help your sales teams be better positioned for success.

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