how to avoid a sales summer slump

Summer means warm weather, outdoor activities, and more vacations, but it can also mean a slower sales cycle. Avoid watching your team’s number hit a seasonal low by using the following tactics to keep them motivated and deals coming through the door.

Revisit Goals

Summer is only starting but we’re approaching the end of Q2 and getting ready for Q3. Check in on your pipeline to see where you team stands. Coach them to be realistic about what can close this month and what is going to take longer. Help your reps communicate effectively with clients and adjust their forecasts appropriately.

Find Out Schedules

Summer is a vacation heavy season. You need to keep track of your reps and manage productivity levels, and your reps need to monitor their client and prospect relationships. Coach your reps to check in proactively with clients to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts that will interfere with their ability manage the account, or close a new deal. Their clients will appreciate their proactive approach, and your reps will have a better handle on their summer schedule.

Uncover Old Leads

If your reps have downtime during the summer months, encourage them to start revisiting old leads and create new opportunities. Writing a quick email, sending a social media message, or making a phone call are easy ways to reach out to potential deals that have fizzled in the past. Freshening up old leads can help fill your rep’s pipelines during a tough selling season.

Attend Industry Events

Show your reps how to take advantage of unique opportunities in the summer months. There is no other season as jam packed with industry events, happy hours, sports outings, and other social events, as summer. Encourage them to mingle face-to-face to grow their network and build a list of potential leads to follow up with.

Help Your Team Go Social

A summer lull is the perfect time to launch a new selling initiative like social selling. Sales reps can leverage personal networks and social media channels to target specific contacts by reaching out and having real conversations. Have your reps share the following types of relevant information to become industry experts in your field:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Statistics
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case studios
  • Testimonials
  • Company new

Don’t let summer be an excuse for slower performance. Instead, use it as an opportunity to ramp up your team and keep your business competitive.

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