‘Leaders are made, not born’.

Everyone has heard the saying but few actually apply the practice. Leadership training is what can separate business front-runners from the rest of the pack.

Effective leadership training programs take into account all aspects of employee development. The programs focus on improving employee skill set and attitude by instilling self-confidence and innovation. But not every leadership program is effective. Following are some essentials of leadership training to incorporate in your training programs:

1. Set SMART Goals:

Effective leadership set effective goals. All goals should pass the SMART test; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Everything else is just a daydream.

2. Empower people to make good decisions:

Business is all about making the right decisions. But when put on the spot, few employees continuously make effective decisions. Good decision-making is a skill that can be taught and it improves with practice. As future leaders, your employees must be equipped with this essential skill. Before snap decisions are made, be sure to ask “how much time do I have before you need an answer.”

3. Manage energy and productivity, not time:

Long days do not equal productive days. And 9 to 5 thinking will no longer create an excellent company. Where many managers aim to move tasks forward and punching the clock; great leaders focus on impact. They consistently have their best people are their most important projects. They enable an environment where intense hard work is demanded; yet also require time for recovery.

4. Let them compete:

Employees are more likely to actively participate in a training program when it calls for a little friendly competition. You can do this by creating a tangible rewards structure associated with superior performance. Include activities that call for some friendly competition and team tasks. In addition, develop incentive plans and rewards associated for high achievers.

5. Be an Enabler:

The purpose of a leadership training program is not to scrutinize but to enable. Be a support for your employees and help them overcome their weaknesses and problems. Push them to try their best and provide them opportunities to show how much they have learned.

The best way to teach is by example. Be the leader you want your employees to be and soon they will follow suite. For more on the topic please visit our blog or contact sales@dev.learncore.com.