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Sales organizations are turning to technology to improve various aspects of their organization. With all of the technology options and new trends, it’s nearly impossible to keep up on what’s new, who the best providers are, and what options are right for you.

Thankfully, Prezi, Ambition, and LeadGenius put together a complete guide to the hottest sales technology trends, complete with an analysis of the sales technology solutions available for each one.

The ambitious tech guide recognized LearnCore in the Personalize Everything: From Messaging to Management Section as a top tool organizations are using to tackle the issue of personalization and scale. The guide explains the importance of overcoming these trendy obstacles with relevant data. They highlighted the following eye-opening statistics:

  • Nearly 57% of B2B prospects and customers feel that their sales teams are not prepared for the first meeting.
  • Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.
  • It takes B2B sales reps nine months, on average, to get fully up to speed when joining a new company.

Dive into these, and other relevant challenges your team will face this year and check out the technology options to address them, broken down by priorities, cost, and features.

2017 Trends & Tech Guide for B2B Sales + Marketing

2017 trends tech guide
Source: 2017 Trends & Tech Guide for B2B Sales + Marketing

Explore trends like:

  • Managing Millennials
  • Account-Based Marketing & Sales Strategies Come of Age
  • The New CMO
  • The Segmented Sales Force
  • Customer Experience: A Unifying Force for Sales & Marketing
  • Personalize Everything: From Messaging to Management
  • The Consolidated Technology Stack
  • The Currency of Trust
  • Machine Learning: Predictive Sales & Marketing

If scale and personalization are obstacles that resonate with your organization, keep in mind that using a sales technology software tool like LearnCore empowers your sales reps to create customized customer interactions themselves. Help your team surpass customer expectations with a highly personalized experience.

See exactly why LearnCore customers like Aol, RSA & CDW agree LearnCore is a top notch sales technology solution by experiencing a free demo yourself.

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