Celebrating Success LearnCore StyleWhat makes a startup the most promising in the Midwest? According to an esteemed panel of judges, it’s a startup like LearnCore from Chicago. They took home the first ever Most Promising Midwest Startup award at Startup Voodoo yesterday, a brand new conference focusing on uncovering the “voodoo” behind what makes a startup successful.

While the judges’ deliberation was closed to the press, you can imagine that LearnCore impressed them with the fact that they’ve taken zero VC investment, they doubled their client roster in the first quarter of this year, and their impressive client list has seen significant improvement by using their product.

They’re disrupting the world of corporate training, providing a product that’s easy, efficient and effective for companies of all sizes. They told Techli’s Edward Domain earlier this year, “We took an industry that, for better or worse, has been considered unsexy,” said Linkner, “and we’ve made it easy for companies to create training that employees can work through easily while testing their retention. We’ve always had a big vision to go into corporate training. It’s a huge market ready for disruption.”

What makes this more impressive, they were given only two minutes to pitch the judges followed by a five minute Q & A. Their presentation was polished, succinct, and showed the judges exactly what they needed to know.

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