Test: Certify Your Team’s Knowledge

Evaluate, Rank, and Reveal Knowledge Gaps in Your Team.


Assess with Quizzes, Test and Surveys

Simple to create and deliver.

Wide variety of question formats including: true/false, multiple select, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and free response.

In depth analytics scaling from your entire organization to each person.

Earn Accolades & Certifications

Drive engagement with competition and leaderboards.

Customize and print certifications.

Integrate certifications with third party applications.

Benchmark proficiency.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

Capture insights through real-time analytics.

Save reports to export and share.

Use data to create individual learning paths.

Give managers visibility into their teams.

Reporting API to connect data with 3rd party applications.

“We’ve sold more and had fewer support calls because of LearnCore.”

Hannah Webber

Director of Operations

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