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Sales Effectiveness Track – Sponsored by LearnCore

LearnCore is sponsoring the Sales Effectiveness track because we understand the importance of helping sales teams achieve greater results. Be sure to attend sessions in the Sales Effectiveness track to learn the plays & tactics used by the best sales reps to achieve higher conversion rates, faster sales cycles, & larger average deal sizes. You’ll hear from leading practitioners and analysts covering key plays such as high value selling, discovery, demo, proposal/business case review, stakeholder meetings, and outbound prospecting.


Messaging Battlecards: A Powerful Framework to Win More Deals

Greg Tapper, TOPO

Every company wants to grow faster—with larger deals, faster velocity, higher LTV, lower churn, and lower CAC. Yet in any given market sales reps compete on virtually identical products and features, and deals often boil down to price. Even in the same company selling the same product, certain sales reps outperform and outsell their own peers. How is this possible? The answer is: messaging. In this presentation you’ll learn the foundation of messaging and you’ll walk away with insights, valuable frameworks, and battlecards that will help you drive higher conversion.


Social Selling Success at Scale

Danielle Hall, Genesys

Social selling has a been hot topic of discussion for years. The question for many: does it actually work? Genesys has cracked the code on social selling with tangible results and happy, productive sales reps. Join Danielle Hall as she talks about the Genesys social selling platform, training reps to execute on the platform, and real use cases that attendees can put into action immediately.


Day 1 Keynote Speaker

Bryan Fogel, Director and Producer, Icarus

A chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms filmmaker Bryan Fogel’s personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller involving dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic gold…exposing the biggest scandal in sports history. Join us for a presentation from Bryan Fogel, Director and Producer of Icarus, a Sundance award winning documentary on the Russian doping scandal and learn how Bryan embarked on a 3.5-year journey to make one of the year’s hottest films.


Selling to the Buyer Committee

Ryan Arnett, OpenGov

Buying committees are becoming more prevalent and growing in size. This session provides a framework for selling into complex, multi-stakeholder environments to increase effectiveness and conversion rates. Including why and how to avoid one of the biggest threats to sales success; identifying, understanding and leveraging a champion to advance and win deals; and selling to the top of the value pyramid by focusing on top priorities vs. critical capabilities


Sales Plays to Support Your Account-Based Strategy

Craig Rosenberg, TOPO

In Account-Based strategy, sales must work accounts no matter where they are in the buying process. This approach is different than a horizontal, territory strategy where sales can choose to work an account at their discretion. For many organizations, this is a significant transition that often requires a new sales process, or major optimization to the current one. Sales plays are a key component to the remodel. For the shift to Account-Based to be a success, sales and marketing need to work together to design plays that engage with buyers early in the process and then deliver a personalized, high-value buying experience.


Outbound Prospecting Fundamentals

David Hershenson, TOPO

Outbound prospecting isn’t dead. As a matter of fact, it continues to grow, and is more efficient and effective than ever before. In this session, David Hershenson will share proven methods for outbound prospecting from some of the best high-growth outbound programs today. He will provide the strategies and instructions for building the key tactics you need to succeed including touch patterns, outbound messaging, and impactful live calls.



If You Don’t Disco, You Can’t Demo: How to Improve 2 Key Sales Tactics to Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Greg Tapper, TOPO

Every company wants to drive higher lead conversion, win more deals, and increase revenues, yet few are able to do so consistently. What holds them back? It’s not poor lead quality. It’s not bad sales reps. It’s lack of a rigorous sales process at 2 critical stages: Discovery (“Disco”) and Demo. In this presentation you will learn the difference between Qualification and Discovery; and you’ll learn how to link to solutions and Demos back to Discovery. As a result of this presentation you’ll walk away with key insights that will help you and your sales reps understand how to win more deals through Disco/Demo; and you’ll create battlecards that you can use to successfully manage any sale.



The Best Story Wins

Matthew Luhn, Pixar

Great companies tell great stories – stories that resonate with customers. In this featured keynote, you’ll learn how to develop and deliver compelling stories to your customers from one of the world’s best storytellers – Matthew Luhn. With over 25 years of experience creating stories and characters for Pixar and The Simpsons, Matthew will share what he’s learned about stories while working on films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, UP, and Monsters Inc. He’ll teach us how to use key principles such as the three key elements of storytelling and the story spine so that our sales and marketing organizations can start telling truly great stories.



Managing Trials For Success

Robert Koehler, TOPO

Moving buyers from demo to proposal often requires a proof of solution stage where buyers gets hands-on experience with a solution through a trial. The trial should be one of the highest converting stages in your sales process. Managed ineffectively however, it can elongate the sales process and increase the opportunity cost of failure. In this session, TOPO Analyst Robert Koehler will present a framework for managing trials including specific plays and tactics to turn trial users into customers.