On Controls drove greater engagement with their reseller training program by using LearnCore. You can download the full case study here, but I’ll highlight a few key changes that On Controls made to make their training investment ROI positive in only 2 weeks:

  • Shifted from offering daily, 4 hour training sessions, to offering always available online courses broken out into smaller “bite-sized” lessons.
    • Result: Resellers can pin, highlight, and refer back to content at anytime to refresh their knowledge and make less calls to support for basic questions.
  • Certified dealer knowledge after courses are completed and assessments are passed – two items they could not track in the prior “webinar” format training sessions
    • Resuls: On Controls gained valuable insights into who did not complete or pass training, and could better anticipate support needs; Dealers were more likely to complete the training to earn the credential.
  • On Controls dealers did not waste time learning to use yet another tool; LearnCore made it easy to dive right into the content.
    • Result: Reseller training became easier for everyone, and dealers began to sell more products than before.

While any move from live training to video would have decreased administrative time, LearnCore’s customizable course taxonomy encourages the creation of bite-sized modules that promote knowledge retention and learning on any device. According to Brian Westfall, Market Researcher at Software Advice:

“Learning management systems have an image problem from being associated with the drudgery of onboarding and compliance training. But these tools offer so much more in terms of on-going education and encouraging engagement in employees. Software Advice, a company that researches employee training solutions, wanted to find out what features and incentives would get employees to use their company’s LMS more.

Likelihood to Use LMS with Microlearning

Micro-learning was one key feature—breaking up learning content into lots of short, five- to seven-minute lessons, as opposed to a few hour-long lessons. Fifty-eight percent of full-time employees in our survey said they would be more likely to use their company’s online learning tools if the content was broken up in this way. In terms of social learning, 24 percent of respondents said discussion boards would be the module most likely to encourage engagement.

Companies could see huge benefits from having employees engage with their online learning tools more, so they would be wise to hone in on these incentives and features.”

On Controls didn’t just train dealers faster, they increased reseller engagement and provided the right tool to drive more sales.